Corns result from wearing the hard shoes of the wrong size. Often form blisters with fluid. Do not prick it, it can cause infection. If ruptured, treat the corn with a disinfectant solution. Put a band-aid.
Try traditional methods of treatment of corns, such as liquid oil (usually vegetable), and other fatty mixtures, including propolis. Lubricate the corn a few days before their complete disappearance.
The result is a systematic friction may form a hard scab. Can contact the chiropodist can remove it yourself. Soften corn hot baths or lotions of ammonia. Remove with pumice.
The cause of corns can become a fungus. Consult your doctor for the correct diagnosis. Take drugs, strictly following the recommendations of a specialist.
Hematomas (bruises) on legs oil based ointment badyagi. She has an active absorbing impact. Sometimes the hematoma is a small seal. Do iodine grid. Prolonged tumor consult your doctor.
Abrasion (especially deep) first, rinse well with boiled water with soap, antiseptic solutions (hydrogen peroxide, a solution of manganese) treated with brilliant green or iodine and, if necessary, apply a bandage. Since this is a superficial skin damage, additional measures required, abrasions heal quickly and easily.
Folk remedy for quick healing of bruises is plantain. Tear a few leaves near the dirt road, wash them under running water, apply to the wound a leaf and apply. Every 5 minutes change the leaves a few times. Plantain has kroveostanavlivajushchimi and antiseptic.