You will need
  • soap, alcohol-containing liquid;
  • — potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide;
  • — alcohol, iodine or brilliant green;
  • — antiseptic ointment;
  • — sodium chloride, furatsilin or antibiotics;
  • — gauze, bandage, sterile gauze.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and wipe the alcohol-containing liquid, before treatment of the wound. Then to clean the cut, rinse the area of the wound with clean running water. This is also necessary to avoid festering. If the wound has hit a foreign body, for example, earth, sand, pinch the edges to the sides and with your fingers or using sterile tweezers clean cut.
Prepare laboratofy solution of potassium permanganate. Dissolve 2-3 crystals in a glass of boiled water. Thoroughly wash the wound with this solution. Instead of potassium permanganate you can use hydrogen peroxide.
Moisten a sterile gauze swab in alcohol and wipe the surface of the skin around the cut on the minimum distance of 1,5-2 cm from the edge. Skin can also be treated with iodine or green paint. Keep the alcohol from getting inside wounds. Then lubricate the edges of the wound with special antiseptic ointment and antiseptic from top, apply a pressure bandage from a bandage or a clean gauze. This is necessary not only to stop bleeding but also to reduce swelling. In addition, you must enter protivosokovu the vaccine. Note that immunity from vaccination lasts for 10 years only if it was properly conducted — the year was introduced in 3 of the vaccine.
Apply on the wound dressing with sodium chloride solution, furatsilina or antibiotics if the wound appeared the abscess and inflammatory process has begun.
Refer immediately to doctor if incised wound is on the face or hand or you are unable to stop the bleeding from a cut within the hour. Constantly monitor the condition of the wound. If after a few hours or even weeks in the area of injury has any swelling and redness, there was the bubbles, felt the burning, throbbing pain or the body temperature rose above 36.9 per OS, immediately contact the health facility for advice.