You will need
  • - willow bark, onions, honey;
  • - strawberries;
  • - cranberries;
  • - butter, ghee, propolis.
You first need to ensure the rest of the wound surface, that is, the dressing should not be frequent. During dressings it is necessary to use antiseptic substances topically in the woundand subcutaneously or intramuscularly. In a hospital setting spend detoxification and stimulation of immunological reactions. With this purpose, and do transfusion small amounts of blood. Also administered staphylococcal toxoid, hyperimmune serums. Conducted activities aimed at the destruction of devitalized tissue by proteolytic enzymes of animal and bacterial origin in the form of solutions or powder. These events lead to the stabilization, gthe woundmodulation of wound that allows you to go to activities that enhance tissue regeneration.
Treatment with traditional medicine can be carried out only for superficial wounds when the threat passes the inflammatory process. To treat poorly healing wounds, weeping wounds, prepare the following tool. Chop the onions medium size and mix with a tablespoon of dry, ground to a powder, willow bark. Pour a mixture Cup of boiling water and steep for 8-10 hours. Then strain and mix with equal quantity of honey. The mixture was stored in the refrigerator. Make a bandage with the composition.
With festering wounds, for their cleansing and drying, you can apply the bandage with mashed strawberries.
For the purification and healing of purulent wounds, you can use the fresh juice of cranberries.
Perfectly cleans and dries the wound dressing with honey. Best to treat is the honey taken in places where a large number of poplar and Linden.
Drying has the effect of propolis ointment. For its preparation take 100 grams of butter ghee and 20 grams of propolis. Chilled propolis grate and place with butter in a saucepan, put it in a boiling water bath. After turning oils and propolis into a homogeneous mass, put ointment in a sterile jar, store it in the refrigerator. Make the dressing with the prepared ointment 2 times a day, and the wound is quickly cleaned, will dry up and heal without scarring.