Lubricate the wound with iodine. In the case of the inflammatory process, which finds itself redness, you need to cope with the infection. Faster and best of all it will make it iodine. Approximately every two to three hours to update its layer on the wounds while the redness will be minimal. In any case do not apply iodine to open wounds!
Cauterized the wound with hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to her, the faster they will heal, dry up and heal.
Cure them with the help of coffee. Folk recipe, which elevates grinded coffee to the rank of therapeutic agents have been known for decades. It is important that it was not cooked, and fresh. This coffee is not only speed healing, but is able to stop minor bleeding.
Use nettle. The house is good to keep it in the following form: crushed leaves with stems pour alcohol, insist for five days, then separate the hair and dry it. Apply on the sores for ten minutes. This recipe will be useful for muscular injuries.
Heal wounds contaminated carrots. Grate the fresh root on a small grater and apply to them. Top make not tight a bandage bandage.
Lubricate the wound with a thin layer of zinc ointment. Repel clean and dry plantain leaf, apply to wound and primenjuje. Plantain can also be used without the ointment, but do remember to return it before the performance of healing juice. To change the attached sheet need every two hours at least five times a day.
Try to keep the wound open, that is not so that they did not stop the access of air. In this case, they will heal much faster.