Often bedridden patients, especially the elderly, from inactivity bedsores - dead tissue resulting from the compression of the skin in prolonged contact with the bed.

We all know that the blood nourishes the human body necessary trace elements and substances. It moves through the blood vessels, delivering useful elements of every cell.

Of great importance in the nutrition of the cells is played by the capillaries which are the tiny blood vessels. And when these vessels are compressed, starts ischemia, that is, the lack of power cells, after which there is a necrosis of tissues.

Decubitus ulcer - risk factors

In addition, factors that can increase the risk of developing such wounds may be the lack of drink or food, dirty body, diabetes, disease spinal cord injuries, incontinence of feces and urine.
Diabetes is called an endocrine disorder resulting from deficiency of a hormone called insulin.

To protect suffer from the occurrence of bedsores of an elderly person, you want to run proper care, and if necessary, specialized treatment.

To prevent periodically to make sure there is no compression and to keep the skin clean. Be sure to follow the procedures to reduce the irritation of the skin of the body and to provide regular evacuation.

Remember that no powder or ointment are not able to get rid of the sores, while the affected area continues to be stifled, and the blood can not properly circulate throughout the body.

How to treat pressure sores and open wounds

To restore blood flow should regularly conduct preventive measures. In addition, it is important to use products that contribute to tissue rejection, among which the best is the cream aktovegin.
Actovegin – a drug extracted from the blood of calves.

You can also make your own therapeutic blend. To do this, take one hundred fifty grams of cognac drink, dilute it thirty grams of salt and then make the resulting composition of gadgets.

For cleansing open wound need to treat her "Actovegin", carefully remove the dead tissue and bandage. If you do not have the finances to purchase expensive medications, you can always use cheap healing ointment or treating the wound with oil of sea-buckthorn and other means.