Remember your life: how often in your presence was mysterious events, which are not fed explanation? Did they in the presence of different people or the same? Did you feel the support of supernatural forces? Answer as honestly as possible, because you do it for yourself. Analyze what you can find the explanation for the strange coincidences, whether there was reasonable cause for them.
Go to Church: this is one of the most reliable ways to discover a witch. Regardless of whether you belong to the realm of the forces of good or evil, in the Church, you will feel uncomfortable. Most likely you simply will not be able to get there.
Look in the old books of the description of the witches. This can also be done using the Internet. Check whether you have these symptoms. In particular, one of the properties witch is amazing ability to adapt. Witch is typical for their world, not similar with anything else, but her background doesn't always even know about it. From an early age the woman is able to intuitively sense where it is better to remain silent where it is better to be discreet, where you can raise your voice. Witch – born diplomats, automatically use of the inherent ability.
Explore your family tree: the presence of witches in the female line, especially in a generation (grandmother, great-grandmother, etc.), increase the likelihood that you will find yourself with a particular talent for witchcraft.
Pay attention to your photos. As you know, previously it was believed that a witch can only be a girl with a rather characteristic appearance: green eyes and red hair or hair color Voronova wing and black eyes...These outward signs has long been hardly used, but well-known different pattern: pictures of witches in different years of life show like two different people. Even close acquaintances may not know that each photo shows you.