In the study of such areas as white magic, you need to determine what area seems most interesting. It is best to train under the guidance of an experienced magician and to start the development of such qualities as imagination, concentration and the ability to replenish energy resources.


Learning magic is subject only to those people who are able to focus all their attention and strength on a specific object or desire. Achieved considerable success in this area, the novice magician is capable of merging consciousness with the object and to be able to manage them as well as their own bodies.

The exercise on the concentration seems simple. Enough to look carefully at some object or to concentrate on one thought for several minutes. In fact, the task seems very difficult. No sounds, conversations, thoughts should not interfere with concentration.

The accumulation and replenishment of energy resource

White magic requires a certain amount of internal energy, which periodically must be replenished to maintain your health and consciousness in a satisfactory condition. Dark mages use the energy of animals and people nearby. The white mage draws power from the outside, without causing harm to a living organism.

Learning to focus, the mage can sense a special place, endowed with powerful energy. As a rule, the point of force are far from the big cities, in forests, in the territories of temples. However, in the city limits is possible with proper focus to find a source of energy.

Finding the point of force, it should be possible to relax and imagine how the flow of energy fill the mind and physical body. By the way, in order to preserve the energy within yourself, it is recommended to sleep a lot because during sleep there is a restoration of energy expended. After completing the initial learning magic and reaching success, the mage can create a place of power in your home.

How to develop imagination

White magic for beginners is based on the development of imagination as an indispensable quality of any magician. There are special exercises allowing you to quickly gain the ability to "invent the situation." You need to try to feel like a different person, a plant or an animal, a cloud, a stream.

It is recommended to merge consciousness with passers-by or met a cat, sitting on the porch and try to imagine his thoughts, feelings, desires. Of course, to develop the fantasy to be with more simple tasks. For example, seeing quarreling lovers, to imagine what the cause of the conflict, as events unfolded.

Only by learning to manage your consciousness with imagination and focused attention, people can learn a magical practice and unleash their talent.