Communication with the weather

A real witch has a close relationship with nature. She literally draws from her life-giving energy. Her body is closely connected with the change of seasons: in spring and summer, she feels a real burst of energy, and in autumn and winter, her powers begin to fade. The witch is heavily dependent on the vagaries of the weather. In a gloomy and cloudy day she often feels unwell.


People often turn involuntarily to the witch for advice. It is a veritable storehouse of wisdom and is able to support in difficult life situations. The witch reaches out to people to share their knowledge. As a rule, she often knows many folk recipes to overcome the annoying sore. People after talking with her for a while are in a state of euphoria and feel really refreshed.

The connection with nature

The witch is inextricably linked with nature. She is able to enjoy the beauty of the world and loves walks in the parks, and trips away from civilization and bustle of the city. Force of nature fills the witch with vital energy.

The witch is not afraid of storms and gales

Real witch is not afraid of the forces of nature. During a severe thunderstorm or storm, she will feel absolutely free. She loves the power of a natural disaster.

Love for animals

The witch just loves animals. From her relationship with them is reminiscent of a magical ritual. The witch is able to guess the thoughts and desires of living beings, she is able to talk to them in their language. Often in her house come cats and dogs, and in the window a few birds.

The effect of the energy of the moon

The real witch's life adjusted to the phases of the moon. She often talks to the Moon and feels a surge of courage in those days, when the Moon is increasing. Full moon witch feels that her body is filled with mysterious energy. At this time often turns her innermost desires, she is able to see familiar things in new ways. Witch body itself adapts to lunar phases and learns to draw her power.

Fulfillment of desires

Sooner or later, but all the desires of the witches come true, and obsessive thoughts materialists. The witch unconscious is able to make contact with the Higher powers, so all requests ultimately reach the addressee.

The ability to heal

Witch been blessed with the gift to heal ailments. Sometimes it is enough just to attach a hand to the sore spot to soothe the pain.

The witch remembers his past life

Often the witch visions of the past life. Often she doesn't realize what they might mean. She often have vivid dreams where she sees herself in a strange place surrounded by strange people with whom she was familiar in his past incarnation.

The witch is very different from the other

She feels very uncomfortable among ordinary people. Their way of thinking, conversations and views on life mean nothing to her. And surrounding not much liking the witch, believing her to be a permanent outsider. A true witch will never be able to fit in and comply with the General rules.

Magic stones and crystals

In the collection of witches are natural stones which she loves to hold and look at. She subconsciously feels the powerful energy focused in them.

Belief in magic and supernatural forces

Witch wholeheartedly believes in mysticism. It attracted an unusual life. She loves scary films, books and history. She believes in signs, sent from above, and thinks that a simple coincidence.

Intuition and divination

She has a developed intuition. The witch can often predict the outcome of an enterprise. Sometimes she was surprised to notice that the reading of fate some people like an open book, knowing how the rest of their lives in the future. The witch draws Tarot cards and other mystical things, which you can use to see upcoming events.