You will need
  • - care
  • - information
Do not look for external signs. Neither age nor color of hair or eyes, no bright makeup, no black color in clothing, contrary to popular belief, will not help you recognize a witch among ordinary people. The markings on the body you are unlikely to be able to see. The witch the eyes seem to be - they are unusual, look very deep, heavy. Even if you made eye contact for a split second, you can quickly get rid of an unpleasant feeling of heaviness, anxiety. And yet, with age, everything is sharper sharp, evil features disappear from any prettiness.
Gather information about her life. As a rule they are unhappy in their personal lives, their children sick, husbands (if any) to suffer addiction, vices. Notice distinguishes a witch of extreme selfishness, fascination with mysticism, selfishness, malice in judgment.
If you have doubts about a friend, turn to God. Pray, ask for help, to protect. After your treatment a real witch immediately aktiviziruyutsya, begin to attack with renewed vigor.