Advice 1: How to recognize a witch

The whole history of mankind is riddled with attempts to find a simple answer to the question - "How to recognize a witch?".How easy it would be if they were carrying a broom and not removed the magic cap. But this is just fabulous attributes. Meanwhile, the question is quite relevant now. Each of us at least once in my life encountered such a woman. Fortunately, we do not live in the Middle ages, and to identify a witch can be, not following the commandments "Hammer of witches" from the Holy Inquisition, in which more fear and desire to kill than real recipes.
How to recognize a witch
You will need
  • - care
  • - information
Do not look for external signs. Neither age nor color of hair or eyes, no bright makeup, no black color in clothing, contrary to popular belief, will not help you recognize a witch among ordinary people. The markings on the body you are unlikely to be able to see. The witch the eyes seem to be - they are unusual, look very deep, heavy. Even if you made eye contact for a split second, you can quickly get rid of an unpleasant feeling of heaviness, anxiety. And yet, with age, everything is sharper sharp, evil features disappear from any prettiness.
Gather information about her life. As a rule they are unhappy in their personal lives, their children sick, husbands (if any) to suffer addiction, vices. Notice distinguishes a witch of extreme selfishness, fascination with mysticism, selfishness, malice in judgment.
If you have doubts about a friend, turn to God. Pray, ask for help, to protect. After your treatment a real witch immediately aktiviziruyutsya, begin to attack with renewed vigor.
Remember: if you live according to the laws of goodness and justice, then no witch can't hurt you.
Useful advice
Do not try to independently identify the witch in his neighborhood, as they say, "don't Wake famously until it quietly." For your interest can attract her attention to you, despite the fact that maybe up until now you were not included in the scope of its attention, and could continue to live in peace.

Advice 2 : How to recognize a real witch

There are some signs that will help recognize in the woman a witch. In the modern understanding of the witch is a wise and independent woman who has a magical spell and live in harmony with nature. Before that the woman differs from the others, burned at the stake, now just a little afraid of them and prefer not to mess with them. So how can you recognize a witch in the modern world.
How to recognize a real witch

Communication with the weather

A real witch has a close relationship with nature. She literally draws from her life-giving energy. Her body is closely connected with the change of seasons: in spring and summer, she feels a real burst of energy, and in autumn and winter, her powers begin to fade. The witch is heavily dependent on the vagaries of the weather. In a gloomy and cloudy day she often feels unwell.


People often turn involuntarily to the witch for advice. It is a veritable storehouse of wisdom and is able to support in difficult life situations. The witch reaches out to people to share their knowledge. As a rule, she often knows many folk recipes to overcome the annoying sore. People after talking with her for a while are in a state of euphoria and feel really refreshed.

The connection with nature

The witch is inextricably linked with nature. She is able to enjoy the beauty of the world and loves walks in the parks, and trips away from civilization and bustle of the city. Force of nature fills the witch with vital energy.

The witch is not afraid of storms and gales

Real witch is not afraid of the forces of nature. During a severe thunderstorm or storm, she will feel absolutely free. She loves the power of a natural disaster.

Love for animals

The witch just loves animals. From her relationship with them is reminiscent of a magical ritual. The witch is able to guess the thoughts and desires of living beings, she is able to talk to them in their language. Often in her house come cats and dogs, and in the window a few birds.

The effect of the energy of the moon

The real witch's life adjusted to the phases of the moon. She often talks to the Moon and feels a surge of courage in those days, when the Moon is increasing. Full moon witch feels that her body is filled with mysterious energy. At this time often turns her innermost desires, she is able to see familiar things in new ways. Witch body itself adapts to lunar phases and learns to draw her power.

Fulfillment of desires

Sooner or later, but all the desires of the witches come true, and obsessive thoughts materialists. The witch unconscious is able to make contact with the Higher powers, so all requests ultimately reach the addressee.

The ability to heal

Witch been blessed with the gift to heal ailments. Sometimes it is enough just to attach a hand to the sore spot to soothe the pain.

The witch remembers his past life

Often the witch visions of the past life. Often she doesn't realize what they might mean. She often have vivid dreams where she sees herself in a strange place surrounded by strange people with whom she was familiar in his past incarnation.

The witch is very different from the other

She feels very uncomfortable among ordinary people. Their way of thinking, conversations and views on life mean nothing to her. And surrounding not much liking the witch, believing her to be a permanent outsider. A true witch will never be able to fit in and comply with the General rules.

Magic stones and crystals

In the collection of witches are natural stones which she loves to hold and look at. She subconsciously feels the powerful energy focused in them.

Belief in magic and supernatural forces

Witch wholeheartedly believes in mysticism. It attracted an unusual life. She loves scary films, books and history. She believes in signs, sent from above, and thinks that a simple coincidence.

Intuition and divination

She has a developed intuition. The witch can often predict the outcome of an enterprise. Sometimes she was surprised to notice that the reading of fate some people like an open book, knowing how the rest of their lives in the future. The witch draws Tarot cards and other mystical things, which you can use to see upcoming events.

Advice 3 : How to recognize a witch in the modern world

Modern man is more usual to encounter witches in fairy tales and fantastic stories. These creatures are found in ancient traditions and mystic legends, medieval history and the mysterious stories.
How to recognize a witch in the modern world

Who are the witches

In connection with a variety of stereotypes, people often imagine witches as ancient humpbacked old women with grey hair and covered with warts and a hooked nose. They live in wooden huts in the deep forest in which keep their magical potions from frogs legs and unknown herbs. Man it's hard to imagine that a witch may not even be his sweet neighbor.

Over time the word "witch" has lost its original meaning. In the old days so called people who knew how to see what is hidden from others. The word "witch" originated in pre-Christian world meant knowing a mother. This was respected in the society woman with whom he consulted, to whose words listened, and no one's opinion was not taken any important decision for the community, whether it be the creation of a new family, a military campaign or the beginning of the sowing of the crop.

Attitude towards witches has changed dramatically with the introduction of Christianity. The Church saw witches threat of competitors and did everything to denigrate them. Charge and convict women of witchcraft they were accused of all sins. Only one of their existence was associated with the reduction of cattle epidemics, crop failures and droughts. Everywhere in Christendom witches were burned as dissidents. In medieval times across Europe were blazing the bonfires of the Inquisition. Over time, witches are turned into negative characters. They began to hide its existence, and those that managed to survive, began to call themselves witches and healers.

Who is the modern witch, and how to distinguish from ordinary people

It has long been developed so that responsible people are almost never born in large families. Often it is families with a mixture of different bloods. The gift of doing is inherited, but its initialization requires a special dedication, which exists in our days. Most often, initialization occurs suddenly due to the upheavals and tragic events. This is logical, if you look at the fact that the very essence of witch attracts dark forces. However, the gift is not always wakes up immediately. It so happens that the witches need to spend many years to accept and learn to use their abilities.

The modern witch does not differ in appearance from ordinary people. They are not endowed with any special charming beauty, are not distinguished by color of skin or hair. There is a perception that only their eye color can look different on different photos.

The behavior of the witches is also no different from the behavior of most people. They are easy to join, the company pleasant, but at heart always remain lonely. Even in the family circle witches feel strange.

Advice 4 : How to distinguish a witch from an ordinary person

The network posted a lot of will how to distinguish a witch from an ordinary person. But whether they are correct and up to date? Indeed, in the Church, for example, a woman with magical powers today may not go large birthmark - hiding (besides, those are normal girls that have nothing to do with witchcraft), and her eyes quickly just take from the inconvenience. But how to recognize a witch? What are its main characteristics?
how to distinguish a witch from an ordinary person

How to identify a witch by the external way?

Actually make it pretty difficult. This before witch walked bent over and dressed in black (or at least they are so described in various literary works), now this happens extremely rarely. Witches, like everyone dress up beautifully. Unless you choose a little more muted colors. After all, if things were different, they could be easily recognized. And this is not happening.

Optional today is the availability of long braids. Remember the various TV series and movies about witches. Almost all the heroines of the hair or on the shoulders or slightly below, like a normal girl. As for the mark of the Devil (or the biggest moles), it is possible not only to hide, as mentioned above, but also to disguise. Benefit cosmetics for that now abound.

But how do you define a witch? Pay attention to the following signs: hoarse male voice or high-rise, clingy, and pretty hard look, "the devil" appeal (she always has to be something "catchy"), the presence of any unusual accessories, eyes - dark or sometimes of different colors. Looking at you, she goes straight to the soul. Remember that all of these signs should be together. You can not falsely accuse anyone of witchcraft. To test my hunch that this woman is a witch, you can invite her to visit and quietly thrust into the threshold of two needles criss-cross, as it did before my grandmother. Until they are removed, it will not be able to leave.

How to recognize a witch by the behavior?

The witch always behaves inappropriately. Can speak for myself (so it seems from the outside, she's actually talking to an invisible interlocutor). Around it quite often, strange events occur: appear as if from nowhere different objects ("same here 5 seconds ago wasn't!"), she could hear another voice, although if you look in her room you find that except her no one was there and nothing of radio and video equipment are not included. Also, if you're her cousin (a relative), she can tell you about the unusual things that could happen to someone else. But that's just inexperience. More Mature witch never tell anybody anything. And another sure sign the witch is always out of the Church, if they attend, backwards. They can do it. Just back starts to burn like a hot iron, there is a wild pain.

Now you know how to distinguish a witch from an ordinary person. Take care of yourself and your family from the intervention of supernatural forces!

Advice 5 : How to discover a witch

There is a perception that each female hidden ability for magic, inherent magical abilities. Others believe that power is transmitted only by inheritance, others say that a symptom of witch can only be considered red hair. Whatever it was, and you can only find out by trying to open myself a witch.
How to discover a witch
Remember your life: how often in your presence was mysterious events, which are not fed explanation? Did they in the presence of different people or the same? Did you feel the support of supernatural forces? Answer as honestly as possible, because you do it for yourself. Analyze what you can find the explanation for the strange coincidences, whether there was reasonable cause for them.
Go to Church: this is one of the most reliable ways to discover a witch. Regardless of whether you belong to the realm of the forces of good or evil, in the Church, you will feel uncomfortable. Most likely you simply will not be able to get there.
Look in the old books of the description of the witches. This can also be done using the Internet. Check whether you have these symptoms. In particular, one of the properties witch is amazing ability to adapt. Witch is typical for their world, not similar with anything else, but her background doesn't always even know about it. From an early age the woman is able to intuitively sense where it is better to remain silent where it is better to be discreet, where you can raise your voice. Witch – born diplomats, automatically use of the inherent ability.
Explore your family tree: the presence of witches in the female line, especially in a generation (grandmother, great-grandmother, etc.), increase the likelihood that you will find yourself with a particular talent for witchcraft.
Pay attention to your photos. As you know, previously it was believed that a witch can only be a girl with a rather characteristic appearance: green eyes and red hair or hair color Voronova wing and black eyes...These outward signs has long been hardly used, but well-known different pattern: pictures of witches in different years of life show like two different people. Even close acquaintances may not know that each photo shows you.
Useful advice
Do not start with extreme ways of checking - for example, testing the ability to fly on a broom. Magical gift manifests itself in different ways, and not every witch is granted such ability.
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