A little about witches

The strange woman, according to legend, existed at all times among all peoples of the world and still exist. Witches can be found among the Northern snows and burning Sands of the Sahara, and in the tropics of the Amazon, and in the impenetrable Siberian taiga, and even in blooming Italy. If these women lived in wood shacks and huts, at present their resting-place – modern, well-appointed apartment.

According to the same legend, in all times, witches fought for life and death. They were caught and burned at the stake by the Inquisition, they were destroyed and exposed as a liar. Witches for all time of existence of mankind survived virtually all hardships of their fate – and are still there and still alive.

Who can become a witch?

A witch can be any female, and a witch – any man. It all depends on what the nature of the origin will have the potential witch – hereditary or voluntary (acquired). A renowned expert on evil spirits Sergey Maksimov claims that a hereditary witch get if for several generations children will be born out of wedlock.

Some of the benefits there are for those women who have a family were witches. These women get the strength inherited from their mothers and grandmothers. Interestingly, they are born with this power – the ability to use magic already inherent in them, parents will only teach their daughters to use these abilities. Sergey Maximov argues that this "science" is transmitted by generation, i.e., from grandmother to her granddaughter.

How to become a witch?

If the family were not witches and wizards, magic gift, of course, is not inherited. In this case, a woman can become a witch themselves. For this it is necessary to obtain the old witch's power from another witch. This is done before the witch's death. You should try to find a real witch, and his power, she will definitely pass! The fact that witches are usually lonely people – relatives refuse, they have no friends.

Before his death, a real witch's suffering badly: if she has family, to learn the terrible gift usually no one wants to die, not passing to his magical powers, a witch can not. As a result, it is necessary to transfer their skills to some completely stranger. This "first counter" and may be the one who wants to become a real witch! To transfer your gift to the witch enough to touch the man and to read the appropriate spell.

However, to get the old witch's power is not a means to become a full-fledged witch! You need to learn how to cast spells. You need to know the ritual spells. This can help experienced wizards who are engaged in teaching the younger generation of witches. It is worth noting that to find the real sorcerer is not so easy, as any of them take for their services a certain amount of money, but who is the quack and who is a real witch?

Future witches should be aware of the purpose of their actions and the possible consequences caused to the society by various spells. The prospective witch must remember: the road to the Church for it will be closed forever, and the house will need to clean up the incense, icons, crosses. Bright colors give way to dark, the Windows in the house tanavakivide black-out curtains. And more! Before becoming a witch, it is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against", because communication with the dark forces is a great sin!