To develop the gift of foresight, you need to first learn to feel the message and understand it. You need to become more receptive, to clear his mind through meditation. And then to understand the source of the information: it can be visual images, voice, or feelings.
Now the main thing - not to dismiss the inner voice and listen to it and interpret the message. To improve concentration it is possible to conduct small exercises.
The simplest is to lie on the bed in the dark and you are fully relaxed, imagine that you are in a forest. A mental picture should be so real that you can feel the wind on my face, to feel the drops of dew.
The first time the concentration will take a long time, ideally it should take a couple of minutes. Once this exercise becomes easy, we need to continue to practice, immersing himself in other paintings, it will teach you how to control your mind to such an extent that it will be possible to try to look into the future in a dream.
To do this, before going to bed to concentrate on a particular subject and imagine it very clearly. Then immediately after waking up to record in a diary everything you saw in your dream. May be the first time you don't feel a connection, but gradually the consciousness will be freed and will give hints to control future events.