You will need
  • Observation
  • Patience
  • Curiosity
To learn how to predict the future, be careful to what surrounds you. Predictions, for the most part, lie in the obvious life cycles and everyday phenomena. For example, if you see the neighbor's dog every day trying to attack another cat of your neighbor, then with huge probability it will end up with the fact that the cat not be good.
Look to the past to predict the future. Very often you will be able to predict human behavior in a particular situation, if you had the opportunity to observe how he acted in similar situations in the past.
Try to gain a deeper understanding of people. Most of them give little hints to others about how they really think and what worries them. Enough to be more interested in them and you can easily learn to predict their actions. For example, if the person at the next table in a cafe often looks at the watch, it means he's expecting someone, and soon that someone, most likely, will join it.
Build more assumptions and try to predict. Most of the issues related to the future, have a simple Yes or no answer. Therefore, in almost all cases, when you predict the future, you have a 50% chance to be right in their guesses.