Develop this quality of the subconscious, as doing. It allows you to disconnect from the outside world, but continue to do some work. For example, in the process of washing hands continue to RUB the clothes, while the brain is busy with educational or meditative work.
Meditate. It is meditation recognized as the most effective way to develop super-powers. It will help you to go beyond mind, one's own nature. Face conventional eyes dilate, he begins to see more than everyone else.
Develop imagination. It allows to direct your own energy to the object which is the subject of magic.
Perfect your will. The use of this quality allows you to apply magic power approach, their activity and energy. Will have to "absorb" the evil intentions of the enemies and develop the confidence of the friends of the magician.
Develop astral visualization that will help effective work with mental images and movements.
Develop attention. Only a powerful concentration of attention will give the magician the ability to effectively and efficiently work with the object.
Develop an understanding of. The magician must not only hear the problem of its object, but also to understand its essence, to help in the decision.
Use in work stimulants and various chemicals. The main rule of any magician is to not use stimulants in everyday life!
Practice. To develop her magical abilities need step by step. Each individual as a mage should be focused on the end result. So after another session, meditation or memory important to give rest to yourself. And, of course, do not forget about practice all the knowledge must be backed by real experiments and magic rituals.