Convenient to use information boards with a soft surface, to which are attached sheets with ads. Stands with plastic pockets A4 recede into the past. Not always the information must be made public, placed on sheets of standard size.
At the stand must have a name. It is located centrally, closer to the top edge. You can use the standard: "company news", "Today", or "Information". Or come up with a name that reflects the scope of the organization.
Divide the stand into two halves. On one side are casual work events. With other holidays, greeting cards and other non-substantive work, news.
Then, on a bench mounted information headers: "Congratulations", "Vacation", "Best employees", etc. All news items are updated daily, must be displayed in these names.
If you need to hang something very important, attach the title "Urgent". It is highlighted in red font and large letters.
Making a stand, try to bypass the bureaucratic expression. Write text in simple, accessible language. Make sure all staff, from cleaners to CEO's, it was clear the contents.
Holiday greetings decorate with colored pencils or beautiful postcards. Invent the wishes of their own, from the heart, without recourse to the Internet. Creations that are posted on websites devoted to greetings, often leave much to be desired.
Attach the stand pocket "Wishes and suggestions". So set the feedback with the staff. Let the letters will be anonymous, but they will open information that do not tell any one meeting.
Go to the design process creatively, not focus on the generic variants. Let an information Board will be the pride of the company.