To stand perfect PVC plastic. It can be cut with an ordinary office knife, giving the workpiece the desired size.
Pockets is more complicated. They can be made of plastic or plexiglass PET, but to cut such materials with a utility knife will not work. In addition, you will need to handle edge. And for some types of pockets, the material will have to bend. Here you will need to heat the plexiglass or plastic PET with the help of infrared radiation. The most simple and proven way to heat these materials is from their local heating of the nichrome wire heated by an electric current. The material is heated by heat exchange between it and the string, and also through the absorption material coming from the strings of infrared radiation.
Ready-made pockets simply attach to the stand base. This is done using screws and nuts or double-sided tape.
The caption on the information Board by hand does not write. Letters and logos are often cut from the PVC film for cutting plotter. If the plotter is not at hand, it is possible the letter cut out stencil with scissors.
And the last frame. To do it should be a miter saw because the hacksaw is uncomfortable to cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Although if the wizard grow from the right place, you can do a simple file. After fabrication the frame will be enough to insert it into the stand and hang it or put it in place. That's all.