Select a suitable place on the wall. It is desirable to place the area in front of the door or immediately above the cabinets in the locker room. So the correct information will be immediately caught parents eye. Clear a place on the wall for the future of the parent area. Make from plywood tablet stand, preferably collapsible, to be able, if necessary, to increase or reduce the stand area.
Decide what will fill the parent stand. There must be posters with background information: parents on the rights of the child, parents, life safety (personal safety), parents and the second child, the advice of doctors, parents and their responsibilities, etc.
Pay attention to the maintenance of reference materials. All articles should be written in accessible language, the font size of the letters - not less than 14 pins. Avoid complex terms, information add colorful drawings.
Prepare and post information about child care and staff, with contact telephone numbers. This will give parents the opportunity to get personal consultation if necessary. The schedule of the day, daily menus, information about pupils group (height, weight, and other parameters) the main part of the parent area.
Now you can think about non-trivial design area. Here the options can be many. Place the stand in the form of a train with carriages. Glue coloured cardboard wheels on each article or handout (they usually come in A4 format), do the edging trailers with colored paper.
Traditionally, the parent area is made in the form of the house, the roof of which can be made of real straw (you will have to prepare in advance in summer dry grass for this purpose). Decorate the area with drawings, applications and crafts and you can ask the parents themselves, who together with the children will take part in this creative event.