Purchase a stand or make it yourself. Choosing the type and design of the stand, based on the real needs of its information content. The simple dashboard can accommodate 4-6 sheets of standard A4 format. More complex structures equipped with additional opening surfaces or rocker mechanisms. The main advantages of the stand – compact and lightweight.
Fill in the name of the stand. It should accurately reflect its purpose. For example, "Information for consumers", "trade Union life" or "History of our company". The title should be easy to read and immediately evident to visitors. Looks very original stand, on which the main title and subheadings are made of bulk materials attached to the base.
Break all the space of the booth into zones or sections. Each piece of the panel should carry the specific thematic information. Think about this question at the stage of preparation of materials. For readability you should not break the stand for more than 5-7 pieces. Try not to clutter up the booth space information materials.
Attach to the surface of the stand a single cell, guided by the chosen structure of the material. In the simplest case, it can be transparent plastic pockets or files. But more presentable stand will give a cell carved from Plexiglas. To make it easier to change the sheets, provide the top side of the cell a small cutout.
Consider colors for the design of the stand. The standard white sheets with printed information on them may not always attract attention. It is best to use leaves of different colors. Original will look stand decorated in colors to match the official symbols of the company. A corporate style, combined with placed at the top of the stand logo will emphasize the solidity of the enterprise.