You will need
  • A standard sheet of drawing paper, students pictures, colorful pictures, glue, colored paper, transparent file pockets, scissors, markers, pencils, sheets of standard A4, interesting articles, cardboard figures.
Take a standard sheet of drawing paper. Using scissors, give it any figure shape or leave as a rectangle. Along the perimeter of the sheet, attach to it a paper "petals" cut from standard sheets of A4 format.
Razreshite white sheets with images or just color pencils to give color to the background. Each "petal" and on the main field of drawing paper glue transparent file inserts. Place them in the schedule of classes and phone calls, the list of groups, workshops, electives, schedule, class and other important information.
Divide the petals, dedicated to learning and leisure, equally. Select one of the "petals" under the information useful and interesting for parents. It is possible to place interesting articles, memos, photos of the class and teachers.
Dedicate one petal to the creativity of children. Here you can weekly, posting new drawings, applications, poems, stories by pupils. This will place the certificates, diplomas, awards, certificates and other evidence of student progress.
Apply for individual petal under a daily updated record. There you can post greetings on birthdays, weather information, numbers, meaning, how many days are left until the end of the quarter and before the end of the school year.
Choose themes depending on the age of the children. In the early grades a large part of the petals should submit material in the form of a game, and only since about the 3rd grade — educational. Every year in the classroom area should receive more serious topics.