For registration of the trade Union area prepare an information stand. Most comfortable with a soft surface, to which the pins are attached to ads. Stands with pockets, plastic, A4 are in the past. Not always the information that must be made public and placed on the paper of standard size.
Let the name stand. Place it in the center, closer to the top edge. You can use the standard: "Useful info", "trade Union news", "Information". Or think of your own reflecting the scope of activities of the enterprise in which you work.
Divide a Bulletin Board into two halves. In one place the answers to the most frequently asked questions. For example, associated with downsizing, overtime, etc. of each company they own. And the Union leader should always be aware of corporate events. On the other side of the stand post holiday greetings, photos of the best employees, anniversaries etc. When you need to announce something very important, attach the title "Urgent". Highlight it with red font in large letters.
Make the stand pocket "Suggestions and wishes". So you get feedback with the staff. Even if the letters are anonymous, they will help you get the information that you will not tell at meetings.
Near the information booth, check the table on which lay several copies of the labour code. Make bookmarks on the most important topics, dismissal, duration of labour, hygiene of the workplace, etc.
If there is a place, hang pictures on the walls of staff work. If your company is engaged in manufacturing, place in the trade Union area samples. Decorate the entire room with flowers and all sorts of accessories. Let them come to you for advice, you feel at home.