You will need
  • - a sheet of plywood;
  • - a sheet of plastic white color (or other colors);
  • - plexiglass;
  • - glue for Plexiglas and plastic;
  • - measuring ruler;
  • pencil;
  • - hacksaw or jigsaw.
When choosing the type of bench you should consider the materials that you have. In most situations there is no need to build a bigger stationary stand. The main advantage of such media is to be light, compact and inexpensive and simple to perform. The easiest stand will require sheet white plastic sheet transparent organic glass.
Determine the size of the future stand. It entirely is determined by your needs and the size of the space where you intend to install the structure. Practice shows that the needs of small organizations enough information booth, which can fit 4-8 A4 pages. Provide also a place to put the title and the space between information blocks is not less than 50 mm.
Mark the sheet of thin plywood or plastic. Convenient to place on the selected workpiece the required number of sheets of paper, adjusted the distance between them in height and width of the future of the stand. Then, determine the length and width of the stand, make marks on the ruler. On applying the markings carefully saw out the stand base.
From a sheet of transparent organic glass cut pockets for informational inserts. The pocket size should be about 10-15 mm wider than the standard sheet format. For ease of handling sheets cut from each pocket on the upper right corner.
Of the same material cut strips, the length corresponding to the dimensions of the pocket and a width of 5-7 mm. Glue these strips along the edges of each pocket (except the top edge); such a lining will help to lift the plexiglass on the stand base and facilitate inserting and removing content. Glue the pockets to the places that were previously assigned to them when marking.
Manufacture of colored plastic letters of the inscription, which will carry the name of the stand. In the simplest case, this can be the word "Information". Place letters at the top of the stand and glue them with glue for plastic. At the corners of the stand provide holes for mounting information stand to the wall. It is most convenient to mount the stand by two or four small screws or screws with decorative covers.