You will need
  • - the employment contract or additional agreement;
  • - a statement from the Locum;
  • - employment history;
  • - documents confirming education;
  • order.
If an employee works for your organization and is an internal part-time, then you can issue a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, putting it all changed items in the main agreement, the new conditions of work and remuneration.
The second option is to issue a dismissal and to conclude an agreement on a new employment relationship. If you make domestic workers through layoffs and produce with the employee the full calculation, make an entry in the work book for dismissal, will receive a statement of employment, enter into a new employment contract, release order on dismissal, and then the order on employment, make the entry in the work book.
If part-time external, that is your business for an employee is only a part-time job, and main job is in another organization, then you can negotiate with the employer at the main place of work part-time and produce work through translation. Or part-time worker is obliged to retire from the main place of work on their own, to bring you a work book, educational documents, quit your enterprise, where he worked part-time, submit you job application.
Next, produce a regular employment. Enclose employment contract, release orders, familiarize the employee with job responsibilities, make the entry in the work book and the personal card of the form T-2.
For registration of a concurrently employed person by way of transfer by agreement of employers to release orders, which specify that the transfer of an employee to a permanent job. Also, note that the order of combination is considered invalid. The translation of foreign workers you have the right to make to the contract on part-time supplementary agreement on the permanent and indefinite employment relationship. When transferring an employee from one employer to another the next holiday he retains, and pay you.