You will need
  • Sol
  • - sand
  • - semolina
  • wax
  • - an airtight glass jar
  • - a box from under the Shoe.
A method of storing the petals depends on for what purpose you intend to use them in the future. If you want your apartment to smell fresh aroma of roses, the petals need to pickle. To do this, collect rose petals from the most strong-smelling shrubs in their season of flowering. This is best done late in the morning in dry weather. Torn petals , place in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and cover them thickly with salt. Then salted the petals should be tightly compacted and close the lid. After a few days your jar you can use instead of air freshener. It is worth it just to open slightly and the room fills with the wonderful aroma.
If you want to spread petals of roses around the house for decorative purposes, melt a candle, dip the petals into the hot wax and let them harden. Also, if you plan to use for these purposes dry the petals, take the bouquet, tie the stems and hang it to dry with heads down somewhere in a cool, dry and dark place. When the flowers are dry, tear off the petals from the roses.
Pour into an old box from under the Shoe layer monkey with a thickness of about 5 cm, put the petals of roses, sprinkle cereal on top and leave for two and a half weeks. After the expiration of the prescribed time, remove and gently clean from the clinging monkey with a brush to apply blush or solid squirrel brush for watercolor. These petals will be stored for a very long time.
If you translate semolina you pity, instead her petals of roses can be dried in sand. The sand for this purpose must be dry, so before use it is better to put it on newspaper and allow to dry for several days. Then exactly as in the previous method, pour the sand into the box, put the petals of roses and sprinkle them with sand on top. Flowers dried in this way are also stored for a very long time.