Roses can be dried by submerging their stems in water and not cutting then ends. The drying process will be slow, which will allow the buds to dry in almost its original form. If you submerge the stems are not in water and glycerin solution, the flowers will absorb it into itself, and zabalzagaray retaining color and shape.
Rose buds can dry separately. If the buds have already opened, between the petals lay the wool to dry in the expanded form and the petals not fallen down. Cut off the stems, and the buds tighten the wire. The other end of the wire bend into a hook and hang the roses on the rope, stretched in a dark, cool room. In order to avoid deformation between the buds Express a certain distance. This way is better for drying small few-flowered roses, collected in flower buds.
Cut off the rose buds in the period of maximum flowering, leave the stem length is not more than 2.5 cm Between the petals lay twisted in flagella cotton fixing them. Take a deep box, about 10 cm deep, pour into it a layer of dry river sand, plug it in rosebuds. Gently and slowly sprinkle the sand layers in the box, gradually filling the space around the buds and their petals. The top buds should also cover the sand layer with a thickness of 2 see the Box, close the lid and seal the seam with adhesive tape. Put it on three weeks in a warm dry place. After this time, open the box very carefully and gradually pour the sand. Buds shake from him, turning down, or Ammonite them with a soft brush, remove the cotton with tweezers.