Before you buy roses, please read them carefully. Gently pinch the flower Bud if it is dense and tight so the flower is fresh and will last a long time. If it is soft and a little faded – the product is of poor quality, these roses won't last three days in a vase with water. Though blooming roses look much more spectacular than the buds, life expectancy is much shorter.
Don't throw the roses into a water-filled bath to refresh them. Just enough to dip the stems in a cool and settled water. The petals should not touch water, otherwise they will soon appear dark spots.
Before you put a bouquet of roses in a vase with water, give him a bit to warm up to room temperature. After this you must cut the stem to the vessels of the flowers fully opened. This should be done under running cold water with a knife, but not scissors. As I rose quite solid stem, to make the braid and long cut. The lower leaves are not plucked, they serve as a Foundation for the house.
Water for roses should be at room temperature or should be slightly cool. You can use rainwater, snow melt or settle the boiled water, which should be changed daily. Roses look best on tall vases that allow the stem to take 2/3 in the water.
To preserve the freshness of roses for a long time, you can feed them a nutrient like sugar. Dissolve 20-30 grams of sugar in water or 3 teaspoons of sugar plus two tablespoons of vinegar. Aspirin tablets in one liter of water also works well on life expectancy of cut roses.