You will need
  • - enamel or porcelain large Cup;
  • brush;
  • - pergamenta paper, tracing paper or foil;
  • - gum Arabic or egg white;
  • - sugar;
  • - the flowers need sugar.
A Cup a quarter filled with water, set on hot water bath and dissolve 12 g of gum Arabic while stirring constantly. Bringing it to dissolve, remove the cookware from the heat and allow the solution to cool.
Meanwhile, make the syrup: pour 100 grams of sugar and a quarter Cup of water, put on fire, bring to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius and cool.
On both sides of the petal or leaf with a brush apply a solution of gum Arabic. Then sugar syrup. Then evenly sprinkle the surface plants of fine-grained sugar, passed through a sieve previously (but not powdered!). Leave plants to dry on parchment paper. Flowers, candied in this way can be stored for several months.
To sugar flowers using egg whites, whisk the whites into a thick foam and brush on both sides of the leaves and petals in a thick layer. Then sprinkle the plants sugar, place on a foil or tracing paper and place in oven for 2 hours on the quiet fire. Plants, candied, therefore, are not stored more than 5 days, but more elegant look.
Finished products are coated with a thin crust of sugar and protein.