Advice 1: How to use rose petals

The range of applications of rose petals is quite wide, ranging from culinary delights and health and ending with the care of the body. Thanks to its unique composition of essential rose oil, Rosa has long been referred to as the "Queen of flowers".
How to use rose petals
Rose is able to enjoy their magnificence to others and to give them a lot of positive emotions. Is this not good for the body?! No wonder that in Japanese schools there is even a lesson reserved for the contemplation of beauty. But these flowers can also benefit after its decay.

Floral cooking

It is unlikely that someone will come up with the idea to buy a bouquet of roses with the aim of jam. However, if the region of residence allows you to grow in your vegetable garden rose bushes, it is necessary to use and cook delicious jam from rose petals. Since roses bloom all at the same time not to score 300-400 grams of petals at once, you need to have the bushes 10.

The petals gather in the moment when rose had quite opened up and is about to crumble. It is not necessary to disturb the beauty of the buds that have yet to please the eyes of the household. The rose petals will not make their own juice if they simply sprinkle them with sugar, so they either talk to him and citric acid, or prepare the syrup. Washed petals are poured into the syrup and boil on low heat for 15-20 minutes.

You can dry the petals and add to the kettle the next time you brew a traditional tea. The liquor lovers prefer to cook it on the basis of the rose petals, and then add by the spoonful to tea or baked goods. For this you will need 1 kg of petals, 1 liter of vodka, 2 kg of sugar and 800 ml of water. First, the petals are infused for 3 days in vodka, which is filtered and connected with the syrup. The color of the liqueur depends on the variety of rose, so it is sometimes colored with food coloring.

Rose pharmacy in the garden

With fresh rose petals, you can make rose oil. This glass container is filled to overflowing with petals and pour olive oil. When the oil the petals of a red rose becomes white, oil press and give the next portion of the petals. It is believed that high-quality rose oil should be nastana at least 7 times.

Rose oil has a beneficial effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces inflammation, improves sleep. They can handle long open wound, apply to the sore tooth or inflamed gums. Wound healing effect the oil gives the rose essential oil and special composition of microelements.

The use of rose petals in cosmetics

Dry rose petals are not deprived of useful properties. If you pour a handful of the petals with boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes, will make a wonderful lotion for the care of skin. Just do not do it too much, after 3 days it will already be unusable. Pink infusion has the ability to tighten pores, and microfractures to heal and soothe irritated skin.

These same properties of rose petals will be relevant when you add them to the bath. For luxury treatments they can just pour into warm water, and you can pre-grind sea salt. Rose petals are an effective additive in face masks. In dry or fresh they are crushed and mixed with 130 ml of liquid, where 100 ml of mineral water and 30 – vodka. After a half-hour insisting there you can add cereal. The mask is ready for use.

Any of the procedures, including rose petals, will give unforgettable moments of bliss. But do not forget that you use only flowers that have not been processed with chemicals and has not been decorated with the bouquet of lacquer glitter.

Advice 2: How to keep rose petals

Fresh rose petals in making romantic evenings and weddings symbolize love and beauty. They are traditionally showered the newlyweds, decorate the bedroom. Rose is not only decorative, but also healing and nourishing properties of its inflorescences jam, prepare your beauty mask and medicinal tinctures. Between the analysis of flower petals and their use can pass the time, and it is important to preserve the aromatic raw materials.
How to keep rose petals
You will need
  • - net container;
  • - a fridge or a balcony;
  • - gauze;
  • paper or canvas.
Buy only fresh petals of roses, if you wish to store them. Find out which flower shops offer a select, homogeneous raw materials. They should be Packed in special mesh containers, for example, in a wicker basket. When carrying delicate rosesoriented lobes important not only to deliver them safe, but also to provide air circulation.
Order a large number of petals in advance to the supplier was able in time to make it. Stale, heterogeneous rosesnew petals – a bad decoration. Lethargic blossoms can't wait for the holiday. If you need a small amount of petals for Dating or interior decoration, it is advisable to order and deliver them the same day. Fresh material for the decoration of the wedding (and it will need a lot) it is recommended to purchase a day before the official date.
Put the packaging with aromatic raw materials in a cool place (e.g. on a balcony or in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator). So you can save the petals of the roses during the day in its original form, not allowing them to wither prematurely. At room temperature they will last ten hours. Noticed that the red petals of the roses are kept longer, so it makes sense to choose this noble colour.
Storing rosesthe end of the petals can be in dried form. It is a good raw material for preparation of various cosmetic and medical compounds, and aromatic compounds. Drying of cut rosess entirely possible, hanging their heads down. Wrap blossoms with a layer of clean gauze is a guarantee that the petals retain their delicate flavor and will not become impregnated with dust.
To dry rosesyou can be on sheets of paper or thick cloth, covered with gauze on top. Don't forget to periodically stir raw materials. The room should be kept at room temperature, without sharp fluctuations.
In a few weeks, remove the dried flowers into individual petals and use them as directed. Store the dried petals of roses in a dry windless place, away from direct sunlight. Try to use them within a year, otherwise roses will lose its healing power.
Not recommended for use in cosmetic and medicinal purposes the purchase of wilted flowers, as they are usually processed with chemicals. The best option in this case – it rose from a private station, or acquired from a friend..
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