Choosing the right roses

To roses in a vase last longer, you need the right approach to the choice of colors. The buds must be strong and not revealed. Special attention should be paid to the condition of the tips of the petals, which should be juicy.

Roses love water

To keep roses longer, immediately after the purchase they need to be trimmed with a sharp knife on the bias lines under cold water. This is best done under running water or in the bathtub full of water.

Water penetration can be improved if you split the stalk into 2-3 pieces with a knife or kitchen scissors.

Daily care

Before you put the roses in water, thoroughly rinse the vase. It is better to use disinfectants. Water for roses should be cold and clean. No need to be sorry for the vase mineral water, which will allow the bouquet to stand much longer.

To make roses last longer, the water in the vase should be changed every day, cutting at the same time slice 0.5-1 cm Significantly extend the life of colors allow contrasting water bath. On the night of the bouquet should be put into cold water bath and in the morning again to return in a vase. So save the roses can be up to 7 days.

Feed water

Universal way for all colors to add to the water the sugar cube. Also enrich the nutritional composition of colors by adding white cap on 10 liters of water. Using cleaning products it is important not to overdo it otherwise the effect will be the opposite, and the flowers quickly fade.