Advice 1: How to dry roses

Compositions of dried flowers, particularly of roses is a simple and elegant way to not only decorate a room but also keep the table a vase on a long frosty months a part of the summer. The main thing is to dry the plants.
How to dry roses
You will need
  • - the fresh plant;
  • - wire;
  • - river sand or silica gel (silica gel).
You will need:

- roses;

- stretched a clothesline;

dry dark room.
Don't know how to dry roses? The simplest method is air drying. Moreover, the sun is explicitly excluded plants should dry in a dark, dry, well-ventilated place.
Take roses you wish to dry and cut off stems with the lower leaves. Then hang the plants for the flower stems down. Best for hanging to use a stretched rope. Ensure that the drying flower heads do not touch.
You will need:

- roses;

- fine sand;

- a cardboard or plywood box with great depth.
Drying in the sand. This method is also quite simple. Take river sand, sift and calcined it in the fire. You can use the purchase the sand – for example, fine quartz, which is normally sold in veterinary stores intended for bathing chinchillas or degus.
Put sand in a box or drawer. The sand layer should have a thickness of a few (5-7) cm. Top gently put the roses flower up. Carefully pull the plants for the stems, gradually completely cover them with sand so that the flowers were completely covered with them, while remaining to stand upright.
After 2-3 weeks, remove the sand, a hole in the bottom of the box. Don't throw sand – it even a few years can be used for drying flowers.
You will need:
- roses;


- small cargo.
This method of drying roses is the most romantic. His practiced heroines of romance novels to save a flower, given to beloved. Device for drying of romantic love to ladies are usually served page thick books.
To make the process more high-tech, put the plant between sheets of paper, place them hygroscopic material (napkins, filter paper, etc.). and press load. The paper will be wetted and should from time to time to replace.
This method assumes that the plant will be dried flat and not voluminous. These flowers are good to use in flat collages and making original greeting cards with dried flowers.
One the simplest way to dry the rose to put between newspaper pages a few times and ironed with a hot iron.
The drying time varies – drying is finished when the thickest part of the plant became completely dry. If you do not have to touch a rose – very soon the plant will wither and die, covered with mold and completely lose their decorative qualities.
Useful advice
Instead of sand for drying you can use the silica gel or regular semolina. In this case, the flowers are dried in a drawer/box with the Bud upwards, carefully peppered the space between the petals of the bulk material.

A mixture of sand and borax (about 2 to 1) or just borax, used in the drying process according to a second method, will significantly speed up the drying plants.

Advice 2 : How to dry rose

The art of flower arranging – production of decorative bouquets have become very popular lately. Dried flowers are also used along with living at creating beautiful compositions. Rose is the best suited for this purpose due to the shape of their buds in which the petals are tightly pressed against each other and have a compact form. The beauty of these magnificent flowers can keep for a long time, if you dry them. You can use several ways.
How to dry rose
Roses can be dried by submerging their stems in water and not cutting then ends. The drying process will be slow, which will allow the buds to dry in almost its original form. If you submerge the stems are not in water and glycerin solution, the flowers will absorb it into itself, and zabalzagaray retaining color and shape.
Rose buds can dry separately. If the buds have already opened, between the petals lay the wool to dry in the expanded form and the petals not fallen down. Cut off the stems, and the buds tighten the wire. The other end of the wire bend into a hook and hang the roses on the rope, stretched in a dark, cool room. In order to avoid deformation between the buds Express a certain distance. This way is better for drying small few-flowered roses, collected in flower buds.
Cut off the rose buds in the period of maximum flowering, leave the stem length is not more than 2.5 cm Between the petals lay twisted in flagella cotton fixing them. Take a deep box, about 10 cm deep, pour into it a layer of dry river sand, plug it in rosebuds. Gently and slowly sprinkle the sand layers in the box, gradually filling the space around the buds and their petals. The top buds should also cover the sand layer with a thickness of 2 see the Box, close the lid and seal the seam with adhesive tape. Put it on three weeks in a warm dry place. After this time, open the box very carefully and gradually pour the sand. Buds shake from him, turning down, or Ammonite them with a soft brush, remove the cotton with tweezers.

Advice 3 : How to dry rose petals

Rose, which the ancients called the Queen of flowers, is not just a beautiful ornamental plant. Its fragrant blossoms, rich in essential oils, vitamins and biologically active substances has long been used in medicine, cooking and cosmetology. Fresh petals get rose water and rose oil, brewed syrups, drinks and jams. Dry rose petals are used to brew teas and infusions, scenting rooms and bath, cooking, cosmetic lotions and masks.
How to dry rose petals
You will need
  • Roses, clean sheet of paper, drying Breeze.
Cut roses during their best flowering. Doing this is recommended in the morning (before noon) in dry weather, to save as many essential oils. Carefully separate the florets and run through the resulting material. Remove the rose petals, disease or insects.
The first way

Decompose the raw material in a thin layer on paper in a dark ventilated room or outdoors under the canopy in the shade. From time to time slightly try for more uniform drying. Drying rose petals have from one to three weeks, depending on the size and moisture content.
The second way

Use an electric dryer for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and medicinal herbs "Breeze". Evenly spread the petals on the pallet (about 150 g on a pallet). Dry 3 to 7 hours at temperature 30 – 40oC. During the drying the weight of the raw material should be reduced to 7 – 8 times: from 1 kg of fresh petals turns 120 – 130 g dry.
Prepare a clean dry banks. Fold them into the dried rose petals and tightly close the caps. Store in a dry, dark place.
The greatest number of essential oils and the active substances contained in the petals of bright pink and red varieties of roses.
Useful advice
Use only those roses, the origin of which you know. Store are grown using various chemicals, so use their petals in food, to prepare medicines and cosmetic products unsafe.

Do not dry or store the rose petals in the light: they will quickly fade and lose a significant part of the aromatic substances.

Do not dry the rose petals on newspaper pages, as the ink may contain lead, toxic substances and heavy metals.

Advice 4 : 3 ways to use rose petals

Unfortunately, roses are short-lived and quickly fade, even if they are presented from the heart. To throw away such beauty it is a pity, so you can give dry flowers a second life.
3 ways to use rose petals
Bath with rose petals

If you had a free evening, treat yourself to a luxurious bath with dried rose petals. Dial into the bath water is a comfortable temperature, add a handful of petals, a few drops of your favorite essential oil or 1 Cup of milk. Can light scented candles, turn on slow relaxing music or put on a mask of her own making. This procedure will help you relax with benefits for the skin.


Make an aromatic sachet of dried rose petals that can be used as washcloths or scenting air in the room. Pour the petals into a bowl and sprinkle it with rose oil – this will help refresh or enhance their flavor. Can add some dried petals of cornflower or neroli, vervain, herbs or spices. The finished composition put in a small bag made of natural linen or bodies and tie. Sasha is ready to use.

Cosmetics of rose petals

Rose petals can make a beautiful and useful bath salts. Grind the dry raw material to a powder. Mix it with sea salt unscented and add a few drops of rose oil and neroli oil. Put the mixture in a jar and close the lid. Leave the salt in a warm place for 6 days.

Crushed dried petals can be added to scrubs or masks homemade.
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