You will need
  • - the fresh plant;
  • - wire;
  • - river sand or silica gel (silica gel).
You will need:

- roses;

- stretched a clothesline;

dry dark room.
Don't know how to dry roses? The simplest method is air drying. Moreover, the sun is explicitly excluded plants should dry in a dark, dry, well-ventilated place.
Take roses you wish to dry and cut off stems with the lower leaves. Then hang the plants for the flower stems down. Best for hanging to use a stretched rope. Ensure that the drying flower heads do not touch.
You will need:

- roses;

- fine sand;

- a cardboard or plywood box with great depth.
Drying in the sand. This method is also quite simple. Take river sand, sift and calcined it in the fire. You can use the purchase the sand – for example, fine quartz, which is normally sold in veterinary stores intended for bathing chinchillas or degus.
Put sand in a box or drawer. The sand layer should have a thickness of a few (5-7) cm. Top gently put the roses flower up. Carefully pull the plants for the stems, gradually completely cover them with sand so that the flowers were completely covered with them, while remaining to stand upright.
After 2-3 weeks, remove the sand, a hole in the bottom of the box. Don't throw sand – it even a few years can be used for drying flowers.
You will need:
- roses;


- small cargo.
This method of drying roses is the most romantic. His practiced heroines of romance novels to save a flower, given to beloved. Device for drying of romantic love to ladies are usually served page thick books.
To make the process more high-tech, put the plant between sheets of paper, place them hygroscopic material (napkins, filter paper, etc.). and press load. The paper will be wetted and should from time to time to replace.
This method assumes that the plant will be dried flat and not voluminous. These flowers are good to use in flat collages and making original greeting cards with dried flowers.
One the simplest way to dry the rose to put between newspaper pages a few times and ironed with a hot iron.