You will need
  • Roses, clean sheet of paper, drying Breeze.
Cut roses during their best flowering. Doing this is recommended in the morning (before noon) in dry weather, to save as many essential oils. Carefully separate the florets and run through the resulting material. Remove the rose petals, disease or insects.
The first way

Decompose the raw material in a thin layer on paper in a dark ventilated room or outdoors under the canopy in the shade. From time to time slightly try for more uniform drying. Drying rose petals have from one to three weeks, depending on the size and moisture content.
The second way

Use an electric dryer for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and medicinal herbs "Breeze". Evenly spread the petals on the pallet (about 150 g on a pallet). Dry 3 to 7 hours at temperature 30 – 40oC. During the drying the weight of the raw material should be reduced to 7 – 8 times: from 1 kg of fresh petals turns 120 – 130 g dry.
Prepare a clean dry banks. Fold them into the dried rose petals and tightly close the caps. Store in a dry, dark place.