You will need
  • For the mask:
  • - whey - 100 ml.;
  • - rose petals - 50 gr.
  • For jam:
  • - sugar - 1 kg;
  • - rose petals - 500 gr.;
  • - lemon - 0,5 PCs.
Keep in mind that to use for making oil and tinctures you only need the petals of wild roses, i.e. rose hips, or one that you are grown in the garden. In this case, you will be completely sure that it was not the use of harmful substances.
Very wide petals of roses are used in cosmetics. For example, from them it is easy to prepare rose oil. For this you have to put the petals in a jar and pour the amount of oil to cover them. Then need to put it in the sun and hold it until the petals will become white color. Then remove them from the oil and put fresh. Again insist. These manipulations should be carried out about ten times. The longer you infuse the petals, the more fragrant to give an oil.
This oil you can lubricate the face and neck to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It gives the skin freshness and softness, and promotes narrowing of the large pores.
Rose oil is used for medicinal purposes, as it has anti-inflammatory and cholagogic properties. They can also soak a bandage and apply on the wound. It'll go much faster.
Do gargle with oil of rose petals, if you have inflamed gums. You can just lubricate them with rose oil. It contributes to the destruction of germs and has a healing effect.
Rose oil has a pleasant aroma. You can spread it over the body and during the massage. It will soften the skin and at the same time give pleasure from the wonderful smell.
If you want to prepare a mask of rose petals, you can do it on the basis of milk whey. The serum should be boiled, adding the petals. Then you need to cool and stand for three to four hours. The resulting mask apply on face for twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water. Your skin then becomes soft and smooth.
From the rose petals can be cooked rare treat, jam. You need to sprinkle the petals with sugar (one part petals to two parts sugar) and let stand for two to three hours. Squeeze the resulting mass the juice of half a lemon and simmer until thick. Then cool, and wonderful fragrant jam ready.