You will need
  • - net container;
  • - a fridge or a balcony;
  • - gauze;
  • paper or canvas.
Buy only fresh petals of roses, if you wish to store them. Find out which flower shops offer a select, homogeneous raw materials. They should be Packed in special mesh containers, for example, in a wicker basket. When carrying delicate rosesoriented lobes important not only to deliver them safe, but also to provide air circulation.
Order a large number of petals in advance to the supplier was able in time to make it. Stale, heterogeneous rosesnew petals – a bad decoration. Lethargic blossoms can't wait for the holiday. If you need a small amount of petals for Dating or interior decoration, it is advisable to order and deliver them the same day. Fresh material for the decoration of the wedding (and it will need a lot) it is recommended to purchase a day before the official date.
Put the packaging with aromatic raw materials in a cool place (e.g. on a balcony or in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator). So you can save the petals of the roses during the day in its original form, not allowing them to wither prematurely. At room temperature they will last ten hours. Noticed that the red petals of the roses are kept longer, so it makes sense to choose this noble colour.
Storing rosesthe end of the petals can be in dried form. It is a good raw material for preparation of various cosmetic and medical compounds, and aromatic compounds. Drying of cut rosess entirely possible, hanging their heads down. Wrap blossoms with a layer of clean gauze is a guarantee that the petals retain their delicate flavor and will not become impregnated with dust.
To dry rosesyou can be on sheets of paper or thick cloth, covered with gauze on top. Don't forget to periodically stir raw materials. The room should be kept at room temperature, without sharp fluctuations.
In a few weeks, remove the dried flowers into individual petals and use them as directed. Store the dried petals of roses in a dry windless place, away from direct sunlight. Try to use them within a year, otherwise roses will lose its healing power.