Bath with rose petals

If you had a free evening, treat yourself to a luxurious bath with dried rose petals. Dial into the bath water is a comfortable temperature, add a handful of petals, a few drops of your favorite essential oil or 1 Cup of milk. Can light scented candles, turn on slow relaxing music or put on a mask of her own making. This procedure will help you relax with benefits for the skin.


Make an aromatic sachet of dried rose petals that can be used as washcloths or scenting air in the room. Pour the petals into a bowl and sprinkle it with rose oil – this will help refresh or enhance their flavor. Can add some dried petals of cornflower or neroli, vervain, herbs or spices. The finished composition put in a small bag made of natural linen or bodies and tie. Sasha is ready to use.

Cosmetics of rose petals

Rose petals can make a beautiful and useful bath salts. Grind the dry raw material to a powder. Mix it with sea salt unscented and add a few drops of rose oil and neroli oil. Put the mixture in a jar and close the lid. Leave the salt in a warm place for 6 days.

Crushed dried petals can be added to scrubs or masks homemade.