You will need
  • passport, medical insurance policy
Typically, a woman learns that she is pregnant after a delay the next menstruation. Usually at this point the pregnancy is 4-5 weeks. The closer you will monitor your menstrual cycle and note all changes occurring in the body, the sooner you suspect that very soon you can become a mother.
Having made the test and receive a positive result, you can consult a doctor. A specialist will be able to say exactly pregnant or not. Do not delay your visit to the gynecologist. Already in the period of 4-5 weeks, the doctor will be able to determine pregnancy according to the results of the inspection.
Some women prefer to wait a little longer and then go to a gynecologist. Experts believe that this makes no sense, especially if there is a risk of any abnormalities. If the previous pregnancy was unsuccessful or have you had any problems with conception, even a week of delay can be decisive.
Try to remember when you had your last period and how long is your cycle. This information will be used to determine pregnancy and estimate your due date.
In some cases it makes sense to consult a specialist before came late. If you think you may be pregnant, but you have diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy or have you lost a child in the early stages, visit a doctor without waiting for the expected date of menstruation. Doctors can determine that the egg was fertilized, according to the analysis of blood on hgch. It is known that the blood level of this hormone begins to grow much more rapidly than in the urine.
If you do not want to go to the doctor in the early stages of pregnancy, try to do so no later than 12 weeks. Otherwise, the doctor will not be able to issue you a standard certificate and you will not receive one of the benefits. Remember that a 12-week period is very significant. It was at this time supposed to do the first screening study. Rejecting them can have very unpleasant consequences.