You will need
  • -boiling water
  • -ice
  • -cold water
  • -centrifuge
Hot water helps to reduce things in size. Therefore, boil a bucket of water and dip the clothes for 15-30 minutes. If the material has a bright color, keep the least amount of time, and the white fabric may slightly pokipyatit.
Pre-freeze the ice and add it into cold water. Then remove the thing from boiling water and immerse in ice water. The bigger the temperature difference, the better will the result.
And of course don't forget to press the thing on the strongest momentum. So you fix the effect from the done before work. Only here do not worry, if the clothes out of shape, because the fabric may be deformed.
Dry and iron the material. Try and estimate the result, you need to stay happy, unless of course the experiences were not over delicate tissue.