You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors, thread, chalk, pins;
  • - pattern.
Skirt. Perform the fitting. Stand up to the mirror and how the "extra" tailor's pins on the side seams. Decide whether the skirt in the belt or just in the hips. In the second version of the work less. On the wrong side of the skirt, focusing on the place of chips, flick a chalk line of the side seam. Prostrochite it on the sewing machine. Trim excess fabric, leaving a seam allowance of 0.5 cm to handle the edges. Tutuila detailed side seam from the inside. Then Unscrew it and try again. Everything is ready.If the model is large in the belt, proceed as follows. Uplift zone, then useite skirt described above. Now cut detail belt to the desired volume, let the seam will match up with the side seam on the cloth skirt. After that the belt iron and hand baste to the skirt. Try, the fabric is not bristled and not lying folds. Then prostrochite on a typewriter. The work has been completed.
Blouse or shirt. To get rid of extra inches on the fabric by using the following ways. The shirt can be stitched in the side seams and the seam in the back shelves of the backrest (if it is not full-cut) equal to the number of inches on each side.- You can increase the amount of Darts.- To put the sleeves, have them flogged, to deepen the armhole on the front and back parts of the shirt and then again to votati sleeve.- The length of the sleeves and shelves, you can tuck a couple of inches and defer.
Pants and jeans are sutured to the side and stepping seams, it all depends on the availability of decorative topstitching. And the volume of the belt is reduced similarly to the waist in the skirt.
If you dress great, namely, Darts is not in place, the case could be a lack of growth. Because the standard size is designed for the taller than 1.6 meters. In such situations, things take in the shoulder seams, and then redraw the sleeve and sewed it again.
With models of complex cut, which is great you more than 1-2 sizes, we should behave differently. Fully rasplyvetsya into its constituent parts, removed the basting. Then upadte cloth and place on the surface. You'll need the standard of your size. Apply the pattern to the parts, leave the seam and trim the excess. Be prepared that this will take a lot of time, because you are actually re-sew the thing.