Advice 1: How to hem pants

If you bought the pants in the store, and they are too long, it does not matter. They are easy to shorten and hem. This is the most important thing - precisely cut the edge of the pants. After all, when the oblique edge is immediately noticeable.
How to hem pants

The sequence of podseleniya pants

First measure the length you want to shorten the pants. From the length of the back down 1.5-2 cm: at this level, the pants can be cut off. Both legs should be clipped at the same level, otherwise their length after podseleniya will be different. Fold the two halves of the pants together at the top connect the pants at the waist: in this state as pants safety pins. Now you can cut both legs. If pants are not purchased in the company store, you may find they have different length of legs. Sometimes this difference can be very significant: 1-2 cm. In this case, too, how the pants at the belt line and then trim the length.

Of great importance is what shoes you will wear pants. So, if you plan to wear the pants with high heels, make the length a bit more. Ideally, it should reach the middle of the heel. If you can't decide on long leave for more allowances of the fabric. When will cut the pants, kill the needles to the seam and measure the pants with the high and low heels. So, you determine the optimal length of the pants.

After I cut away the extra fabric, PowerLite edge of the both leg openings. If you do not have a serger, finish the edges with machine zigzag stitching. Then, tuck the bottom of the pants to the desired length, keen and iron. Defer the pants like on the reverse and on the front side.

Useful tips

When you have decided on a long, prometiste hem line and remove pins. If the length is even, can make up for the pants. It is best to do it through a cheesecloth. Remember, if you tucked the pants correctly and not make amends them, it is necessary to align the length again and perekleivat seam. This can be unsightly traces.

After Promethea needle hem line on both halves, put them together and check the length. The waist line be sure to kill it with pins.

If you are not able to process the edges of the pants, then the suturing podhisita them twice. So, you get the edge of the fabric, which will not flake off with wear and wash. This method is suitable for trousers, made of light fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, viscose. If you tuck the bottom of trousers of thick fabric, it will look not nice.

If your trousers are wool and are part of the costume, and treating them is not possible, fold them twice and hem with invisible seam. It is performed with a conventional needle inserted in her thread. Wielding a needle, capture at most one thread face of the fabric, then stitch hem will not be visible. Pants hemmed so look very carefully.

Things made of linen, cotton, jeans tend to shrink when you wash them. So before you hem the bottom, be sure to wash the pants.

Iron the bottom of the pants to a maximum temperature with steam. But if the pants are synthetic threads, check the temperature of the iron on the wrong side of the fabric.

Advice 2 : How to shorten pants

Perfect size and style pants rarely are even and perfect length. So often we have them shortened. To do this, hem the pants in different ways or use special adhesive tape.
How to shorten pants
Whichever method you choose, you first need to determine the length of the pants. Put on the pants and the shoes, where you plan to go often. Pant length should reach the heel or be a little higher. Lock the pins to the correct length.
Lay the pants on the big table, measure the desired length on both parts of the pants and cut the bottom, leaving a margin of 3-5 cm the Edge you need to neaten.
If you use a needle or a sewing machine you don't like, for you, the most convenient option - the so-called "spider" or adhesive tape, which is sold in any sewing store. For white pants, choose white, and for dark color is unimportant, since the adhesive tape will still not be visible (in white trousers, a dark tape can Shine through). Fold the pants at the marked line, put in ACC tape cobweb and carefully press from both sides: the high temperature tape as it melted and proslaivaet ACC. This method is not suitable for too thick and stretch fabrics. Another disadvantage of the webs is that with frequent washings, it can come off.
The other way is to stitch the hem a hidden seam. This method is suitable, for example, woolen fabrics, where it is easy to introduce a needle so that it is imperceptible from the front side.
Jeans and other cotton fabrics it is best to stitch on the machine.
Men's classic pants are usually stitched with Trouser braid. Noting the line of bending, you need to pritchet braid at 0.2 cm above this line (i.e., to the braid "came" for the ACC). Then fold the pants, leaving the front side 0.2 cm of braid. This is done so that during wear the cloth on the trousers did not wear out. Prometeia and Tutuila. Then lock the bending of the adhesive tape, or hem by hand.
Useful advice
When shortening is best not to use double ACC - it makes the bottom a thick and stands out on the pants. It is better to neaten the edge and to do the open (single) ACC.

Advice 3 : How to hem pants with tape

Perfect in size and style the pants are sometimes faulty in length and require shortening. Hem pants in the presence of a sewing machine is not difficult, but need precision.
How to hem pants with tape
You will need
  • - pants;
  • - braid;
  • - Mel;
  • - gon;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - special adhesive tape.
Put on the pants and mark the length of the leg (mid-heel). Place the product on a horizontal surface of the rear half to himself, on the other leg should be visible white mark (the bottom line). Then from the labels measure 1.5 cm place another (No. 2) label.
Take a square with right angles and toward the front inflection trousers and label No. 2 draw a straight line to the seam, and then connect with mark No. 1. Leave a hem allowance for the items in the range of 4-4. 5 cm, because the newly purchased pants after washing may shrink.
Stepping back 4.5 cm down from the first line (bend allowance), a parallel line cutting, which cut off the excess fabric. Sewn edge stitching "zigzag" or on the sewing machine "overlock".
Selectivite braid. As the braid is made from natural and durable fibers after water treatment it gives strong danepak. To further the bottom of the pants are not wrinkled, it is good to expose the ribbon the type of thermal treatment. Carefully steam the ribbon of a very hot iron with steam generator.
Or soak the tape in hot water and soak for a while, then dry. Processed pin ribbon to the line of bend of the leg. Sew on the sewing machine, paving the line on the tape at a distance from the edge strip 0.1 cm Hide little corner of the ribbon with a needle under the fabric strip to the front side, they were inconspicuous.
Fold the seam allowance together with a tutu is a ribbon on the inside of the pants. Make a roll of 0.1 cm, so the face of the tape is not sticking. Cover your ACC provisional Stickam. Hem the lower part of the pants concealed stitches manually by folding the seam allowance to 0.5 cm.
It is better to use to fasten the bent edge of the fabric bottom of the pants elastic seam "goat", which is like hiding inside. Sewing is necessary, weakening the thread. This hem will be invisible from the front side of the pants. Proutyuzhte pant leg. Similarly, the second hem a pant leg.
It is also possible to shorten (lengthen) the pants with the help of adhesive tape. Take a tape a specific length equal to the width of the leg opening. Apply the sticky side of the tape on the wrong side of the trousers. Glue it with a hot iron, paving the sole of the iron on the paper side of the tape. So glue across the entire width of the trousers.
Let cool, then peel off the paper. Overlap the seam allowance of the Trouser on a sticky seat and walk again the steam iron. This method is faster than to sew, but keep in mind that after washing at temperatures above 40°C whole stock come off and again you will need to iron iron. This method allows you to instantly change the length of the pants, if you change the shoes on the heel.
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