Advice 1: How to hem pants

If you bought the pants in the store, and they are too long, it does not matter. They are easy to shorten and hem. This is the most important thing - precisely cut the edge of the pants. After all, when the oblique edge is immediately noticeable.
How to hem pants

The sequence of podseleniya pants

First measure the length you want to shorten the pants. From the length of the back down 1.5-2 cm: at this level, the pants can be cut off. Both legs should be clipped at the same level, otherwise their length after podseleniya will be different. Fold the two halves of the pants together at the top connect the pants at the waist: in this state as pants safety pins. Now you can cut both legs. If pants are not purchased in the company store, you may find they have different length of legs. Sometimes this difference can be very significant: 1-2 cm. In this case, too, how the pants at the belt line and then trim the length.

Of great importance is what shoes you will wear pants. So, if you plan to wear the pants with high heels, make the length a bit more. Ideally, it should reach the middle of the heel. If you can't decide on long leave for more allowances of the fabric. When will cut the pants, kill the needles to the seam and measure the pants with the high and low heels. So, you determine the optimal length of the pants.

After I cut away the extra fabric, PowerLite edge of the both leg openings. If you do not have a serger, finish the edges with machine zigzag stitching. Then, tuck the bottom of the pants to the desired length, keen and iron. Defer the pants like on the reverse and on the front side.

Useful tips

When you have decided on a long, prometiste hem line and remove pins. If the length is even, can make up for the pants. It is best to do it through a cheesecloth. Remember, if you tucked the pants correctly and not make amends them, it is necessary to align the length again and perekleivat seam. This can be unsightly traces.

After Promethea needle hem line on both halves, put them together and check the length. The waist line be sure to kill it with pins.

If you are not able to process the edges of the pants, then the suturing podhisita them twice. So, you get the edge of the fabric, which will not flake off with wear and wash. This method is suitable for trousers, made of light fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, viscose. If you tuck the bottom of trousers of thick fabric, it will look not nice.

If your trousers are wool and are part of the costume, and treating them is not possible, fold them twice and hem with invisible seam. It is performed with a conventional needle inserted in her thread. Wielding a needle, capture at most one thread face of the fabric, then stitch hem will not be visible. Pants hemmed so look very carefully.

Things made of linen, cotton, jeans tend to shrink when you wash them. So before you hem the bottom, be sure to wash the pants.

Iron the bottom of the pants to a maximum temperature with steam. But if the pants are synthetic threads, check the temperature of the iron on the wrong side of the fabric.

Advice 2 : How to hem men's pants

To hem men's pants, not necessarily to carry them into the workshop. It can be done independently. The time and effort you spend quite a bit, but the results are obviously delighted with. Even if you don't know much about sewing, don't despair. The main thing is to follow the step by step instructions and then you will succeed.
How to hem men's pants
You will need
  • Trouser braid, duct tape, sewing supplies.
To start, determine the length of the pants, while wearing them on man. If the owner is wearing pants with a belt, the belt will want to wear. Pant length is measured in two ways: with shoes and without shoes. It is better to resolve with the owner of the pants better. In the first case, the lower boundary of the pants should be above the floor at a distance of 5 mm. In the second case, the same boundary should be placed between the heel of the Shoe and its heel part. Don't forget to make a mark.
Lay pants on a flat surface. With chalk, draw two lines. The first cutting line and the second line length of the pants. Stock is about 4-5 cm. Also note the thickness of the material of the pants. After all, the thinner the material, the smaller the stock in the ACC.
Next, cut along the bottom line of excess fabric. Treat the open seam using zigzag stitch. Will protocide braid 2 mm above the line of bending.
Fold pants, while leaving 2 mm of the braid on the front side. This is necessary in order that the fabric on the pants were not worn out during wear. It is desirable to sweep this operation to facilitate the process of podseleniya legs and Ironing.
Hem a pant leg. To ease this process, use adhesive tape. Place it between the hem and the main fabric. Iron with steam. However, remember that duct tape has one drawback. She may come off during washing. Therefore it is better hem the pants manually with a needle and fine threads. It will be more reliable.
When finished, smooth out both legs with the nous. Then go over with the iron again before removing this excess skin. I hope that you all get, and you've done even without the help of professionals. So you can be proud of myself. After all knowingly speak: "I Want to do something well, do it yourself!".
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