You will need
  • - application for medical insurance;
  • - the passport.
Insurance (compulsory health insurance) is issued to foreigners if they are officially working on the Russian enterprises. In this case, the company enters into a contract with the health insurance organization and the city Fund of obligatory medical insurance.
The effect of the policy of foreigners is limited to their term of employment contract and the term of the contract of the organization with the insurance company. For the policy issuance a foreign citizen will need to contact the human resources Department by writing an application. After some time he will get a policy at their place of work.
Unemployed foreigners can use the services of paid medical care, or the voluntary medical insurance program. Foreigners who have residence permit and registration, even in case of unemployment may become owners of medical insurance. For this they need to contact the insurance medical organisation working in system OMS. The points of delivery of policies OMS are in city hospitals and verse companies.
Children under one year and pregnant women medical assistance is provided without the policy, regardless of their citizenship. The same applies to ambulance and emergency room. The requirement of money for medical services is considered a violation of the law. But this only applies to ambulance, and all routine medical services for foreign citizens is provided only when the existence of the policy OMS.
The loss of medical insurance policy people duplicates are issued. For this working citizens need to contact the HR Department on your company, and the unemployed – to the insurance company that issued the policy. Similar actions are attributed at the end of the term of the policy.
To gain a foothold for a specific clinic, you need to contact the local health authority at the place of actual residence and to the chief physician of the clinic. It is necessary to have a passport and medical insurance. The replacement policy is required when changing jobs or residence, the loss or damage policy, changes name, the expiration of the policy.