You will need
  • birth certificate of the child;
  • the passport of one of parents with the specified local registration
In the absence of medical policyand free assistance your child will be able to provide only paramedics. To register in the clinic, put, if, unfortunately, it is the need of the child to the hospital, you will not be able. In order to receive policy OMS, you must visit the office issuing the policys and bring back some paper.
Rules of obligatory medical insurance of the population of the city of Moscow clearly defines categories of citizens who are entitled to receive the policyand the OMC. Are the citizens of Russia and other countries residing in Moscow, as well as citizens working at the Moscow enterprises.
Thus, in order to obtain for the child the policy of OMS, it is necessary to submit only two documents — birth certificate of the child and parent's passport with the Moscow registration.
The policy of OMS to the child is given in the baby clinic at the place of residence or at the nearest office of the insurance company, which is engaged in obligatory medical insurance in your area. Call your reception Desk of your clinic and find out where you need to go. In some cases, copies of documents, prepare them in advance. To assure the copy is not necessary, just otkorektirovat birth certificate of the child and a few pages of the passport — first and the one which shows your registration.
Come to the office of the insurance company and tell them that you need a policy OMS on the child. Fill in a short questionnaire and will receive so-called interim policy — registration sheet request for obtaining a policy. To the manufacture of a plastic card this paper will replace your policy. After about a couple of months you need to come to the office and pick up a plastic Polis and paper leaflet.
Policy OMS on the newborn child to try until the baby is three months. Just before that age, children have a right to free medical care. In case of loss the policyand contact the insurance company where it was issued, and get a duplicate. If the child, as a result of changes in marital status, changes the name, policy OMS it is necessary to replace.