Advice 1: How to make waist thinner

Slim waist has always been considered one of the main advantages of women. In the fight for the fair half of mankind are ready to go to the end. However, it is not necessary to bring any sacrifices. To reduce the waist is not so difficult. You just need to slightly restrict your diet and every day to special exercises.
How to make waist thinner
To begin the exercise. Stand up straight, much pull inside the stomach, and then it will Apatite. Do this very quickly many times. Now take a wrap and roll it at the waist for a few minutes in different directions. Over time, normal hula Hoop can be replaced by special - weighted.
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Make circular motions with his body, alternately in one and other side. Then lean forward, keeping your back straight. Palms should touch the floor, then the left and right legs.
Now we have to strengthen the muscles of the top and centre of the abdomen. Lie on your back, when you do this, bend your knees and simultaneously lift the heel from the floor. Hands should be behind your head. 10-15 times lift the body so that the shoulders and upper back off the floor.
Then you can stand with your feet as wide as possible, bend their knees and straining buttocks, to make sharp movement of the pelvis forward, returning to its original position – relax.
How to make waist thinner
The abdominal muscles also important for a slim waistline. Strengthen them so. You need to lie on the floor, lifting the knees bent legs and head. Then have hands grab your knees and pull them on. At this time the feet make the return effort.
When you get used to the loads, it will be possible to straighten the body, touching the floor, and then to go up again the same way.
Another problem area is the sides. They also need to round up excess fat. Lie on your back, removing his hands, not to help them yourself. Both legs bend at the knees, put left over right. Lift the body, turning to the right as far as possible. Then return to the starting position. Then change legs and direction of rotation.
How to make waist thinner
Useful advice
To do better in a well ventilated area. Classes combine running, dancing, diet. Then wasp waist will appear faster.

Advice 2: How to make the waist thinner without diets and sports

Slim waist makes your figure more graceful and balanced, attracts a lot of admiring male glances. There are several ways to create a slim waist without multiple restrictions.
How to make the waist thinner without diets and sports

Way to thin waist: classical methods

Advantages of the slim waist for girls is obvious. The figure looks spectacular, the difference between hips and Breasts is increased, which visually makes you look more attractive. Slim waist will make you feel sexy and pick up a beautiful slinky things.

Remember: to make the waist thinner, exhausting yourself with AB crunches, you will not succeed. The main objective of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles, so it hardly helps to remove excess body fat. Professionals also point out that if you constantly do the exercises, the waist will be slightly wider (because of muscle mass).
However, no swing press is not worth it. The backbone of good muscle will help tighten up the sagging midsection that visually make the figure more beautiful. The main thing – practice moderation.

To obtain a beautiful waist you need to get rid of the fat hiding it. This little check your diet. Refrain from baked goods, cookies, sweet. Carbohydrates are the main "sponsors" of the deposits in the abdominal area.

Train yourself to eat and drink small portions. When your stomach is filled automatically stretch the muscle and skin, leading to ugly wrinkles. Small portions will not only enable you to avoid it, but will always be well-fed.

Train yourself to suck in the gut. And this should be done as the fitting fancy dresses and sitting behind a Desk. The last position of the body contributes to the acquisition of saggy tummy, which hurt to get a beautiful waist. If you learn to control the body, will quickly notice the desired changes in shape.

An unconventional approach to reducing waist

Effective and unusual method of acquiring a slim waist, was developed by Dr. Fukuzumi, the specialist from Japan. He believes that diet and increased physical activity negatively affect physical and emotional health of women. Therefore, to obtain a beautiful figure and a correction of this nature appearance doctor recommends that you not work with muscle and fat, and with a skeleton.
Fukuzumi is an expert specializing in the human skeleton. The study clearly showed that waist size depends on the location of subcostal and pelvic bones. The wider the gap between them, the massive figure.

The main tool that will help to make the waist more pronounced, is a cushion of twisted towels. Diameter homemade equipment should be in a range of 7-10 cm the Second moment of the exercise you need on a hard surface. For example, the massage table or the floor.

Lie down and place a cushion under the back at the place where the ribs start. Extend hands up, turning palms down and closed their fingers. Legs spread shoulder-width apart (about 20-25 cm) and tilt towards each other so that your thumbs are touching. In this position you will need to remain for five minutes.

After you perform do not make sudden movements. Get up very slowly and carefully. For reviews of girls performing this exercise for a month, waist has decreased by 4-6 cm.
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