To begin the exercise. Stand up straight, much pull inside the stomach, and then it will Apatite. Do this very quickly many times. Now take a wrap and roll it at the waist for a few minutes in different directions. Over time, normal hula Hoop can be replaced by special - weighted.
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Make circular motions with his body, alternately in one and other side. Then lean forward, keeping your back straight. Palms should touch the floor, then the left and right legs.
Now we have to strengthen the muscles of the top and centre of the abdomen. Lie on your back, when you do this, bend your knees and simultaneously lift the heel from the floor. Hands should be behind your head. 10-15 times lift the body so that the shoulders and upper back off the floor.
Then you can stand with your feet as wide as possible, bend their knees and straining buttocks, to make sharp movement of the pelvis forward, returning to its original position – relax.
How to make waist thinner
The abdominal muscles also important for a slim waistline. Strengthen them so. You need to lie on the floor, lifting the knees bent legs and head. Then have hands grab your knees and pull them on. At this time the feet make the return effort.
When you get used to the loads, it will be possible to straighten the body, touching the floor, and then to go up again the same way.
Another problem area is the sides. They also need to round up excess fat. Lie on your back, removing his hands, not to help them yourself. Both legs bend at the knees, put left over right. Lift the body, turning to the right as far as possible. Then return to the starting position. Then change legs and direction of rotation.
How to make waist thinner