What not to do if you want to achieve a narrow waist

In your quest to find the slender figure of women and girls often commit errors that only postpone the achievement of the desired goal. Before trying to reduce the waist, remember the basic rules that will help you cope with the task easily and quickly.

Do not set unrealistic goals - for example, make the waist thin in just one week. Take it as a fact that you spoil your figure for a long time, but because her recovery will take at least 1-3 months of regular exercise.

In addition, if you are the owner of big-boned type of figure, in which the circumference of the wrist is more than 18 cm, likely waist 60 cm – is clearly not your option. Let the difference between hips and waist is about 30 cm – enough to make you become look more slender and beautiful.

Do not tilt to the side. This exercise performed with a dumbbell in one hand, contraindicated wishing to have a narrow waist. It promotes visual expansion of the mill by thickening of the muscular frame.

Don't discount aerobic exercise. Oddly enough, but the most effective exercises to narrow your waist, step aerobics, Jogging, jumping rope and dynamic dancing. Aerobic exercise is the most effective way to eliminate fat deposits in the waist area.

Don't forget to watch your diet. Many people do not think that their improper diet that led to the accumulation in the waist extra inches will continue to "work" in this direction, despite the running exercise. If you reduce the calorie consumption of meals or eliminate fried, sweet and fatty foods, replacing them with vegetables and fruits, the results will be noticeable much faster.

How to make the waist narrow: exercises

A set of exercises to narrow your waist should include 3 main elements:

Exercises with a Hoop. Every day 20 to 30 minutes a day to spin a hula-Hoop, preferably weighted or massage. To start with approaches for 3-5 minutes. This exercise will allow you to use side abdominal muscles.

Running (usually on a treadmill) or jump rope. These aerobic exercises should be performed every day starting with 10 minutes, and then every day add on 1 to 5 minutes, until 30-40 minutes. This will allow you to burn belly fat.

The next exercise is simple crunches. Runs it through the day. Lie down on the floor, legs join together, and straighten, keep your hands behind your head, elbows move to the sides. After that, distract from the floor of the chest, while keeping between her and the chin distance of a fist. Start with 10-15 times for 3 sets, then each week, increase the load. This exercise will allow you to find relief beautiful belly.

With regular exercises and controlling the food you will get obvious results after 3-4 weeks.