1. To physical exercise to be effective, it is recommended to establish the cause of weight gain. If he is not amenable to correction through diet and exercise, then perhaps we are talking about hormonal disorders (thyroid in particular), with the permission of which is necessary to start to reproduce your figure.
2. Extra pounds and problem areas because of high-calorie food and physical inactivity, it is possible to achieve a good result from the special exercises for the waist.
3. Morning exercises needs to end with a rotation of the Hoop on the waist. It is considered the most effective treatment for ridding of unnecessary fats and their uniform distribution.
4. The heavier the Hoop, the faster you can get results. From the variety of hoops you can choose the metal (filling it with sand to weight), or rubberized with an internal nozzle in the form of balls.
5. The duration of rotation of the Hoop in both directions must be the same.
6. So this exercise was not burdened, and pleasure, it is better to engage with the music. For one song in one direction and for the other, will make the rotation of the Hoop is not visible at the time, but effective result.
7. After a hard wrap possible soreness of the abdominal muscles on the second or third day. These days it is possible to use other equally effective exercises that are worth repeating daily.
8. In the initial position lying on the back with divorced hands (with the palms down) and your feet raised at an angle of 90°, alternately lowered brought together legs right and left, keeping them in their original position. You must ensure that your back off the floor. To start with 2-4 times and gradually increase to 10-15 each way. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower press.
9. The circular movements of the body for 6-8 times in each direction.
10. Tilts the torso forward and backward, left and right.
11. Rotate the torso left and right with gymnastics, or any other stick on his shoulders.
12. The same exercise, but in the position of the body is tilted parallel to the floor.
For abdominal exercises, rather than once a day, while the Hoop it is advisable to pay attention in the morning and evening. Acting on the abdominal muscles, you should stick to a low calorie diet and not eating 2 hours before and after school.
Do not forget that only regular exercise can reduce the waist in home conditions.