So, how to achieve a waist at home? In fact, there are some quite effective exercises that will help reduce your waist, but will also make her more feminine, and give the body the most coveted curves.

Start your sessions with warm-up. Jog in place, jump, stretch your arms and legs. The main thing - do not overdo it. Then start work. First do the exercises on the rotation of the torso, all known and it's charging. However, such exercises help to shape a slim waist.

The following exercise may remind you of belly dancing: draw the belly and bulge it. Do it as quickly as possible. Also in the fight for a thin waist it would be nice to swap the upper and lower abs because these exercises also include in their classes.

If you have free time to, for example, to watch a movie, and spend this time with benefits: on the background of the film spin the Hoop or hula-Hoop. A hula Hoop is considered the most effective exercise for acquiring a wasp waist.

So in conclusion, it is possible to whirl the disk health (if you have it of course). Also gives a considerable effect.

Performing a set of simple exercises at least every other day, you will notice that your waist will be visibly smaller in size. But in the fight for the waist do not forget about the rest of the body, try to give them as much attention.