Balanced diet

Proper weight loss is impossible without adjustment of the organism to a new system of power that excludes the abundance of fatty foods, convenience foods, sugary drinks and carb-heavy. The menu should be based on frequent meals, drink sufficient quantity of water and control of the ingredients that you add to dishes. The optimal Breakfast includes servings of easy carbohydrates, for lunch is better to eat meat or fish combined with vegetables for dinner and don't forget to eat protein foods.

Psychological comfort and moderate exercise

One of the reasons for the increase in waist is associated with occasional anxiety and nervous exhaustion. Being under stress, the female body begins to actively stock up on fat that is deposited in the abdominal area. Try during weight loss is to remove any irritants.

More walk in the fresh air, practice meditation, learn the easiest course of yoga, a morning jog will saturate fully the cells with oxygen. Do not try to pump up the abdominal muscles at any cost, as the waist in the volume will increase, and folds of fat just stay on top. Gradually remove the excess volume of the waist help simple retraction of the abdomen on the exhale. Do this exercise anywhere.

Additional recommendations

Wrap using seaweed, aromatic oils and clay is a great options for cosmetic procedures that will expedite the process of metabolism and breakdown of excess fat. Do not forget before you wrap to make the scrub area around the waist. This will help to activate the blood circulation, which is important in the process of weight loss. Follow an integrated approach and be patient. After a month your stomach will become more toned and unnecessary fat will decrease considerably.