Advice 1: As women properly to make a thin waist

Most often after childbirth or rapid weight gain, many women the body appear ugly bulges. How to combat problem areas?
As women properly to make a thin waist

About thin and curvy waist is the dream of any woman to achieve good results you have to stick to strict diets and do to exhaustion in the gym. For weight loss important to combine special exercises and proper nutrition, and then you can get a good effect.

Not all exercises for hips and waist are useful and effective for the fairer sex.

1. If every day to make inclinations in the parties with the use of dumbbells, the waist on the contrary expanding, as the growth of the oblique muscles is accelerated. From this exercise a good effect on men than women.

2. Experts do not recommend to twist hula-Hoop, from his blows can cause internal organs and cause their drooping.

3. When cornering with the weight on the shoulders compresses the intervertebral discs that can lead to spinal injury.

4. Performing only strength training, you reduce the volume of the waist. It is important to include in the program of training which will cope with the fatty deposits on the sides.

5. To get the maximum result, it is important to engage in a day or two. The first step is to perform warm-up, then perform special exercises for the lateral muscles and the press, and to finish classes cardio.

Advice 2: Proper nutrition for weight gain

After a major weight loss is urgently required to "return" it back. But it is important to organize your diet and eat the right food for assimilation.
Proper nutrition for weight gain

In order to "get better", you need to eat more often than ever. Weight gain is a slow process. But you have dish in any cuisine and any number of: fried, flour, sweet. However, it should be said that the use of food in large quantities is harmful to the body. You must also not eat only nutritious food, but also useful. This is extremely important because you can get a variety of diseases associated with the stomach.

So, the first step to weight will increase eat a meal exactly 2 times. If you used to eat 2 eggs for Breakfast, now all 4. If for dinner, ate 1 hamburger, now 2, etc. This will allow your body to consume more calories, which are so important in weight gain. It is also worth considering that the right to eat according to a special rule – eat less but more often. Try to eat every 2-3 hours. Thus, the body will better absorb food.

The second step was the purchase of large plates. Large plates will make it easier to eat large amounts of food. How losing weight with the help of small plates, and gaining weight great.

The third step is the obligation to eat immediately after training. This is very important! If you're not going to do, the slowing of regenerative processes is inevitable. And this of course greatly affect the weight gain. It is also worth considering the fact that every morning you need to eat. This is the fundamental rule of weight gain.

Step five – choosing the right food. This is extremely important in weight gain. It is better to eat less high-calorie food than low-calorie. So, will head the list of healthy foods eggs, followed by peanuts, chicken Breasts, dried fruits and lean red meat. Eating this food will speed up the process of weight gain.

One of the parts of the right weight gain can be attributed to tracking all the action and food. If this is not done, your set can go to obesity. You should also follow cardio. If this is not done, the excessive stress on the body can lead to slower weight gain.

To sum up. To improve weight, should eat more, namely to increase food portions by half. To eat in the morning is a must when weight. It is very important to distribute meals in the day and eat every 2-3 hours. For a proper and rapid weight gain you should adjust your diet the right food.

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