You will need
  • - wrap;
  • - dumbbell;
  • - exercise bike or treadmill.
To reduce your waist as fast as possible, make the necessary adjustments in the diet. Exclude from menu sugar, sodas, pastries, yeast, legumes, and some fruits, especially bananas, cherries and grapes. To the stomach was more flat, eat chicken, Turkey, boiled or steamed vegetables and porridge on the water. Drink more green tea and pure non-carbonated water.
Increase daily physical activity. Walk at a fast pace, exercise on a stationary bike or treadmill, swim. For quicker results, stick to the formula – a day without intense cardio. Take lessons at least half an hour.
Learn morning exercises – it only takes 15 minutes. Exercises are very simple to tilt sideways, side lunges, rotation of the housing. This simple complex will warm up the muscles and will help to remove excess fat around the waist. Very good breathing exercise – oxygen accelerates the fat burning process. Inhale the air deeply, his exhale sharply and hold your breath.
Buy daily wrap and twist it at the waist. Perhaps the first exercise you will not succeed. But over time you will learn. Hula Hoop well coached muscles and make the waist flexible.
Don't forget about the power loads. Three times in a week extend the morning session, adding to them a few exercises with a three-kilogram dumbbells. Sit in a chair, raise your arms with dumbbells to the shoulders, straighten the elbows. Rotate your body left and right 20 times.
Stand straight with your feet slightly apart, hold dumbbells in the lowered hands. Do slow tilts to the side, straining press and locking motion. Take 6-10 movements in each direction.
Finish your workout by stretching the muscles. Make a wide step to the side left leg and bend it at the knee. Raise your right hand and take a deep tilt to the left knee. Hold this position for a few seconds.
Learn the techniques of self-massage. Morning and evening RUB the area of the waist, clasping her hands. You can use the roller massager. Do not treat the abdomen – try to touch only on the back and side of the body. In conclusion, over the waist firming cream or gel. It will thicken the skin and improve its tone.