Start making a list with different formulations of the goals of the club. Think about future clients and write in their ordinary life. Use professional slang and phrase. Not sure then to include them in the title. Now they will help to Express the aims of the Association in language understandable to the participants. Selecting the names will be able to think expansively, without formality, to be free from the burden of responsibility.
Add to the list of words that expresses the style of the interior of the club. Imagine a club of fans of knitting, decorated in a nautical look. Blue-white walls, ropes, the wheel - it will attract knitters who want to escape from the home environment. Similar ideas can be used to club the other direction. If you are planning an unusual design, write appropriate words in the General list.
Think about what qualities should the future participants. Write a verbal portrait of the ideal customer of the club. You can use the appropriate comparisons with the animal, the vegetable world.
Write a brief phrase about what the challenge to society the idea of the club. People can name the judge on why we should unite within the institution. Add to the list of phrases expressing this challenge.
Emphasize that the lifestyle promoted by the club. These words resemble the brief motto or greeting that is exchanged favorites.
Select the name of the club. To do this, gather in an environment that reflects the romance of the club. Arrange items around, describing future activities. Dress accordingly. Make a small celebration to soak up the atmosphere of the Association. Each participant in the discussion should have a printout, prepared in the previous steps. These phrases and words come across brilliant ideas. Write it all down, don't stop until you feel that the choice is made.