Keep in mind that the name of a musical group must not be just beautiful but empty words. It must somehow be associated with the group, style of performance and age of participants. Of course, this does not mean that the group should be called "the Singing baby." The name can be any words that can hold such an Association. For example, "Domisolka" immediately makes it clear that to speak will be kids, acting, of course, the children's repertoire. Or group "Ariel" - it is clear that this team of girls approximately 8-12 years.
Well, if the title you will be able to reflect the musical style of the band. For example, if girls perform fun pop music, why not call them "Candy" or "Fairies", and if the group sings folk songs – "Spike" or "Sweet pea"?
It is appropriate in the name of a group of children the use of words in diminutive values. This will tell the audience that in front of them will be children.
The name of the musical group girls must be sonorous and memorable. It is not necessary to come up with for group of children of names consisting of several words. Such a group is difficult to remember and an adult, to say nothing about the children who will be the main audience group. So one or two words in the name of the musical group girls will be quite enough: "Paradise birds", "Butterflies", "Star rain".
The name of a group of children should be understandable to the young audience and by the performers. Use baby terms: names of objects or phenomena, the names of the characters that kids know well.
Of course, the name of the musical group girls must be original. Note that the team today is in almost every school or art Studio, and, surely, among them quite a lot of "Girls" or "Suns". Try to come up with something more interesting and original. Thus, if the artist is still very young, avoid the use of foreign words in the title (unless, of course, girls do not sing in this language).
And last: try to pick a name that would allow listeners to find music on the Internet. This is especially true if the team is not just singing in contests and festivals, but also records his own CDs.