For younger children the names most often think of adults. Such groups fit the titles of fairy tales (such as "the Gingerbread man" or "Geese-swans") or heroes of various cartoons ("Pinocchio" or "<url>"). It should also be noted that some titles will not be suitable for all of children. For example, "Red riding hood". It is more suitable for the name of the kindergarten. You can also select colors by name. Better if they are familiar to the children (so they have an idea of how they look or, for example, knew what their flavor).
When choosing the name for a group of older children always ask their opinion. You can arrange it in the form of games where every child will have to do a mini presentation on why his proposal should be approved.
When defining titles should definitely pay attention to what the children are doing in the group. For sports groups suitable names of participants in the sport such as "Football", "Hockey player" and so on. May also be suitable and some names of animals, for example, "Kangaroo". Also, group names can be associated with nature. For example, "meadow", "Ant", "Daisy" and many others.
Depending on the location of the garden may occur and its name on the basis of which will be identified in subsequent groups. For example, if the garden is near a natural body of water such as the sea, then all names will have a marine theme. Then, in the name of the kindergarten "Boat" can have the following groups: "young", "Sailors", "Deck" and many others.