Thousands of pensioners for health reasons are unable to regularly leave the house to shop for food and Essentials. However, 16-year-olds once a week to drag a few bags of groceries is not difficult. Of course, the remuneration for such service is small, but if you take care of several elderly people, a month will a few thousand.
At the age of 16 can actively help their neighbors. If you live in the private sector, many working people are happy to pay the teenager because he will rake the autumn leaves into a pile, clearing the driveway of snow, to help make out in the barn or take out the garbage. It is not necessary to do everything alone. Get like 1-2 friends or classmates. A team of a few people cope with the task much faster.
Not all owners of Pets can give their Pets enough attention. Busy people do not always have time to walk the dog or go to the store for a specialized food. Any 16-year-old can try to babysit for Pets. Probably neighbours or acquaintances will be happy to pay you money for their four-legged friend was well-fed and well-groomed.
High school students can become Tutors for those studying in elementary school. For many parents, tired from a day at work, homework with the first grader is a real challenge, as they require a lot of time and nerves. High school students without any problems and can deal with toddlers arithmetic, spelling, reading, draw, make crafts. But if 16-year-old will find and master the educational programmes for children of primary school age, the classes can take quite a substantial amount of money.
If you know how to sculpt out of clay, embroider a cross, to work wood or leather, sewing or knitting, Hobbies can bring a very sizeable income. Tell parents about your desire to earn this way, ask them to tell colleagues and friends about your hobby. It is not excluded that someone will be interested in the DIY and decide to buy them. Preferably before you start such "advertising" to make 2-3 products that will demonstrate your abilities.
Earnings on the Internet is the abyss is very real proposals. However, you need to treat them with caution. The easiest way to earn per click. You need to register at some site and wait when you will start receiving offers from advertisers. Applications is usually quite a lot, but to earn at least a couple of dollars, will have to visit at least a thousand other sites (not always safe) and make a few thousand clicks on banners.
If you are well versed in one of the school subjects can become a virtual tutor. There are a number of websites where people come in search of an expert on a particular issue. Of course, 16-year-old child will not be able to explain how to make the annual report, but dull to tell parents how to solve in two ways a task from the curriculum, it is capable of.
If the online game you – a real passion, try for them to earn. You'll need to have a separate e-mail, register for a new character, pump it up to a certain level and then sell. Heroes elementary levels can cost $ 1-2, but in the evening they can create multiple. Well pumped character with the resources, equipment and ammunition can "pull" a few thousand (sometimes tens of thousands) of rubles, but it will take several months.