To go to summer camp

No, not to rest. To work. For example, a counselor. Usually trips to the camp to distribute in the education Department. Therefore, if you decide to get a summer counselor at camp, your first destination – the local Department of education. They tell us how to contact the camp leadership. And then everything depends on you. If you can make a favorable impression, can pass the medical exam and forward to the achievements. By the way, if a counselor is not taken, ask, maybe they need other workers – for example, cleaners or porters. Also option how to earn money in the summer.

Pros: fresh air, communication with children, full Board (meals, accommodation, usually free, but it's better this moment to discuss in advance with the employer).

Cons: lack of communication and the Internet, the inability to leave the city without personal transportation, full responsibility for the children.

What are the skills required: good communication skills, ability to get along with children, diligence, creativity, physical activity.
To find a job as a courier, delivery guy or mailman

Usually in the summer time Bulletin boards and newspaper advertisements are full of reports that such and such a company or firm in urgent need of couriers or deliverymen. You can contact on e-mail or in the newspaper, ask if they need delivery guys. Usually in the summer they are looking for students, so they replaced had gone on vacation employees. In the end, you can work and a pizza deliveryman. By the way, you may need a camera or cell phone, so you can convince the employer that the job is done, leaving photofact (for example, placed in mailboxes leaflets).

Pros: always moving (this is a plus for those who like to move), you can "grow into" useful links, does not require special skills and a lot of mental work.

Cons: low pay for the work in relation to time spent.

What skills you will need: diligence, accuracy, speed, ability to navigate the city. If you have a bike, scooter or private car – you can assume that you were lucky to be part of the transportation will be charged.
To apply for summer by the seller to the market to shop

It is better if the employer will act as your friend, otherwise there is a chance of running into a fraud. If you understand the technology, can try yourself in the role of sales assistant in the supermarket or service centre.

Pros: relatively high pay, the opportunity to work part time, learn a lot of new and interesting.

Cons: heavy workload, daily standing on feet full shift, there is a risk that you will hang up the shortfall or to apply any more sanctions.

What are the skills required: good communication skills, amiability, excellent knowledge of mathematics, ability to win a man.
Find a job for posting ads or billboards on the street

This is one of the low-skilled and low-paying jobs, but bezrybe and cancer fish. You need a brush, glue and lots of patience. By the way, be careful if you have to put up posters on the walls of the stalls: they can run out of angry hosts, where the stalls – private property.

Pros: not a difficult job, done quickly, does not require special knowledge.

Cons: low pay, there is a risk to fall under the hot hand "angry citizens".

What skills you will need: speed, ability to navigate the city.
The work of the controller in public transport

If you ride a bus or trolley, please note: not required if the enterprise employees? If so, this is your chance. In principle, the applicant of this profession are not high demands, the main thing – diligence, accuracy and mathematical precision. By the way, if you know the city, its legends, or if you are studying at the faculty, can try to get guide at any tourist route.

Pros: part-time, free travel on public transport.

Cons: physically heavy work, comparatively low wages.

What skills you need: precision, Executive, punctuality, communication skills, stress resistance.

Well, loading. In short, physical work. Evaluated such work is usually adequate, payment is made in cash and immediately. A significant disadvantage of this work – it will stand only physically strong guys, so fragile girl she is not suitable.

Pros: work outdoors, pay in cash immediately, part-time.

Cons: as a rule, such work is short ("shabashka"), sometimes paid less than promised, physically hard.

What skills you need: power, power and more power!